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Sim, eu tenho medo de aranhas.

This Is A vEry Good Intresting Game Love It! wish there will be a sequel.

Müsst ihr wissen.

What a wild game. Hopefully a sequel is in the works. Maybe the POV of a civilian during some kind of spider takeover!

Super cool, trop court dommage ...


incredible, great job!! 

Spoder was not friends 

THE GIANT ENEMY SPIDER *jerma starts beatboxing*

Lovely little one-shot. You know, I noticed that a lot of your games play with the idea of an unknown controlling force wreaking havoc on the little guy. Love it. 

Thanks! :)

It is a really nice experience for arachnophobes :) 

This was a really fun one. I liked the slightly crusty ex-soviet feel of the control room, and the sound design had me on edge the entire time! I'm not scared of spiders - but I am scared of those bad boys! Really, really enjoyed playing through this, and I'm super intrigued by ORB.

Graphics were crisp and perfectly matched the tone, and everything just felt spot-on!

Thank you :)

I remember the movie a spider.

I hate spiders. Why does it have to be spiders?


For that exact reason :). Thanks for playing!

great game, had fun and was scared a lot because i hate spiders!!!

Glad you had fun! Thanks a lot for featuring the game! :)

is this the prequel to core?

Maybe :)

Ok 💀

Wished it was a bit longer. Overall it's great for a short experience.

Dear lord.. let me just start out with the sounds of this game, mixed with my slight arachnophobia.. This game got me down to the bone. I played this in a 3 Scary Games video, as the first game, and was seriously shook the rest of the video.

Loved the little snippet of the game!

Terrifying and Short, I absolutely loved it!

I've only played two of your games and both have been awesome experiences. Sorry I butchered pronouncing your name. 

Short but effective!

Thank you for this littlt game!!!

This is really fun little game.

Probably should've warned my girlfriend about the threat in this game, haha. Here's her footage of the game if you're interested!

Great game! Wish it was much longer but I really enjoyed it.

That's really cool to hear. Thanks for playing!

I really enjoyed this game had a super interesting style to it as well as some really good graphics such a shame it was so short but was still a super cool experience. Your game is the 2nd one played in this video and it starts at 11:29 look forward to more projects from you : )

Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed it.

I made a Spanish video, and I can say I almost cry while playing im kinda afraid of spiders and I didn't knew anything about the game since i usually like go and play without even reading the "about" section.

Haha, thank you!

Very well done short horror game! I really felt the tension!


Thank you!

It is a nice game!

Thanks! :)

id say this is a job well done

Thank you :)

Why you gotta scare me like that??? Good game, I enjoyed it! 


Thank you! :)

Your game starts at 00:00. Excellent short horror game! You really raised the tension in minimal time. The "instructions", calendar, radio, etc, all set the tone perfectly. This is one everyone should enjoy. Keep up the good work.


A pesar de ser un juego corto se disfruta mucho, para algunas personas con fobias especificas puede ser una experiencia demasiado aterradora, asi que si disfrutas la sensacion de tener animales subiendo por tu cuerpo este juego es para ti.

P.D No me gustan las arañas

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Love the game! wish  it was longer but it's acctually great

Thanks :)

Really good sounds and voice acting, very good game. Spiders scare the shit out of me so I may be biased when I say it was pretty scary your game :D Thanks so much for making it! If you wanna see my playthrough check here - 

Thanks for playing! :)

Holy shit dude, this made me scream so bad on my live stream on twitch! 

Haha, thanks for playing :D

Keep making great games dude!

hey Mike i love your psychological horror puzzle games i download and play them every night thanks for making this content :)

Awesome, thank you so much! :)

Love this. First game in video.

Nice Game !

Thanks for playing!

Well. At least they're not Black Widows. Nice game though.

Here's my channel for other games I have played.

Thanks :)

Caution big ass spiders!!


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