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Konstantin's voice warms my soul...

Really short but fun!

muy buen juego  : ) gran trabajo

This game made me scream like such a giant baby my mic cut the scream off.

it was fun! not bad!

Very fun little game!

Game 2 in your Unsorted Horror Collection and I have to say I think I'm addicted to your short horror games xD

I really enjoyed this experience! The graphics, gameplay, and general premise really give me a lot of wants for a longer experience - which just means I want more of your style and ideas, ultimately! I'm excited to see what you do next!! WHAT'S UP WITH THE ORB!? :0

Its very well made, keep it up!

Really creepy little game, good work :)

Hello, this game is fabulous, I love the graphics, I want you to subscribe to my YouTube channel, I need help, greetings, friend, and CONGRATULATIONS...

Good game

I made a video on your game (7:43)

loved this game but hated the spiders lol 

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Love this game! It was fun 😊

A fun, short game with great scares! Thanks!

I didn't read the description like I should have, and unfortunately that means I had to play the scariest game I have ever played. I really hate spiders, and If I had known there would be spiders I would not have played. however, now that I have had time to think calmly about it, I have to say, for a short horror game, its quite fun and well made. It does lack in narrative, but that's not really the point of short horror games. The point is that its scary and fun to play, and It accomplished both therefore, I give it an 8/10


As an avid spider hater I am so sorry haha. Thank you for the kind words! :)

You are perfectly welcome! 


good game. i got scared. live on stream. almost fell over.
2 hour mark!!

Awesome game! I enjoyed everything about it


The detail in the design is incredible. Great job. I hope more gets released sometime soon.


Such an original concept.. And very well executed !

Good game but it's too short

Really enjoyed this game, would have loved it if it were longer.

Nice game! (Pt-BR) 


Sim, eu tenho medo de aranhas.

This Is A vEry Good Intresting Game Love It! wish there will be a sequel.

Müsst ihr wissen.

What a wild game. Hopefully a sequel is in the works. Maybe the POV of a civilian during some kind of spider takeover!

Super cool, trop court dommage ...


incredible, great job!! 

Spoder was not friends 

THE GIANT ENEMY SPIDER *jerma starts beatboxing*

Lovely little one-shot. You know, I noticed that a lot of your games play with the idea of an unknown controlling force wreaking havoc on the little guy. Love it. 

Thanks! :)

It is a really nice experience for arachnophobes :) 

This was a really fun one. I liked the slightly crusty ex-soviet feel of the control room, and the sound design had me on edge the entire time! I'm not scared of spiders - but I am scared of those bad boys! Really, really enjoyed playing through this, and I'm super intrigued by ORB.

Graphics were crisp and perfectly matched the tone, and everything just felt spot-on!

Thank you :)

I remember the movie a spider.

I hate spiders. Why does it have to be spiders?


For that exact reason :). Thanks for playing!

great game, had fun and was scared a lot because i hate spiders!!!

Glad you had fun! Thanks a lot for featuring the game! :)

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