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played this on a 3 scary games, very much short and sweet with a deep story, nice work!

wont lemme move using wasd :P

very nice :D

it was a short game and I

like the music so well done!! also I like the ambiance build up and this looks like it could be a real story of someone that it has actually happened to.

The mssg of the game is so sad


The dread is so heavy, even before the game begins. I love that.


that was great, well done!

Cool game, I noticed you're using Unity. You might find this tool useful: It allows you to directly upload and update games from inside Unity. There's a free version as well if you just want to try. My goal was to make developing for itch less painful, I'd love to know what you think.

short and sweet :D

Outcast Gameplay

¿Que acaba de pasar?

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Good game, short but good

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nice story


thanks faith :)


anticlimactic, but interesting. well done !


thanks :), I had more planned, but ran out of time on the jam. appreciate it!