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Im always walking Backwards somehow and that makes the game unplayable i mean i cant even move really even if i turn my camera and not even touch my keyboard i am always walking backwards (Note: Fixed it. Somehow the game saw my Thrustmaster TH8S Shifter as an Joystick)

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i got this bcuz 420 MB lol

Awesome game! I made it through all the checkpoints first try before I got to the last one. It took me about an hour to complete the final section and I almost rage quit because I failed so many times. Very satisfying once you complete it though.

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This game is pretty much unplayable. Nav & Transit is incredibly bugged, inputting the right information still results in a crash. I've tried countless times to ge past the 4th 'burn' but just can not because of Nav & Transit. No matter how much time is left on the clock or if its correct the ship still crashes. I had to resort to just watching a video to know how the game ends.


How did you use the nav & transit? Maybe you forgot to hit the '#' after inputting the code!

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The previous comment still applies, The game is bugged as Nav & Transit seems to be bugged, correct info gets input, card gets swiped, and the system says its correct but we still end up crashing. Its a shame since this seems to be a neat little game. 


looks bugged, nav & trnsit doesnt do anything even with correct settings and swiping card.

how to swipe card for NAV & TRSNSIT com? I did everything but swipe the card. plz halp meh

There's a slot for a card on the left side of the NAV & TRANSIT panel. You should be able to swipe it by pressing E on it. The rest of the panels need to have the correct data in order for it work.

yeah, i was looking for a situation like this, and i found one that someone had repied, but thanks anyways


The true antagonist of this game is the Coal Grabber.


true tho

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I can't finish the task "Operate the NAV & TRANSIT computer", even though I entered the four digit code, selected the channel,  set fuel bools and swiped the keycard.  Any help?

Pretty fun concept but tasks frequently hardlock and you have to reset the game. Wish there was a way to manually load the last checkpoint


Why on earth is it E to interact with most things, is that supposed to be something that intentionally makes things harder? I have no idea why else you wouldn't be able to just left click for all the interactions.

A quale frequenza devo cliccare il tasto FIRE?

I can't get past the "Operate the NAV and Transit computer" part, what should I do? I flipped the switches and put the 4 numbers in but now what?

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Gotta swipe the keycard, on the left side of the panel

ahhhh thanks man

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how do you turn the water valve? i've tried everything. i feel so stupid

edit: nevermind i got it. i activated all 3 but you have to have water deactivated to turn the valve - all good

one thing i'd add is a drop button like the other side

Yeah this was my first 3D game so it has janky mechanics & unbalanced gameplay, as well as code that makes fixing the game/adding features impossible. 

I still keep it up though cause it has a special place in my heart, and if you try hard enough you can beat it :)

can't believe that's your first game (3d at least). that's bloody impressive man. that's no good that something like code can prevent adding features, what a damn shame! but yeah keep it up!

Can't download this one.

Is there some type of error message?

"cannot read "build" of undefined.

Works fine for me. Are you on Windows?

Yup, itch app on Windows 11, all other games worked normally.


it could be something to do with the itch app. other than that, not sure.

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I'm having the same problem. I think the cause is that the .zip file is set as just a generic file, not a Windows executable-type thingy. The itchio app should be able to pick it up properly if you change that in the Uploads section of the game. :)


The time between tasks is much too fast. Great concept. Could be a lot of fun but even when doing the math on how long everything takes and microing my movement. Couldn't get through the third stage.