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It was confusing at first, until I learned how to play. I can't wait to try out all your other games! :)

This was engaging and entertaining. Game mechanics were awesome and allowed me to immerse myself into the game. The gameplay was very interesting and I really enjoyed playing this!

Similar concept to "The Other Side". Totally loved the environment, puzzle elements and interaction with the computer. Rusty, grimy and very atmospheric indie horror.

this is a very interesting game i love the idea 

I REALLY liked this one! It was extremely well executed and I loved every moment of it. I was a tad confused at the start with the floppy disks but eventually figured it all out. This game starts at 27:44 in this lets play of the Unsorted Horror collection. I hope you like my playthrough and feedback in the vid!

Yet another phenomenal game from Mike! I love the mechanics included in this game and the atmosphere created is second to none! Highly recommend giving this a go!

Game 3

You hit another game with perfect atmosphere that made my hair stand up!

i have one complaint. where has carbon steel’s OST gone? i need The Engineer!

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Hello again! I was wondering what happened to this game's soundtrack, the playlist for it appears to be empty on your Soundcloud including Buckshot Roulette but that's available on your YouTube channel and various other platforms, however Steel Carbon's OST is nowhere to be found :(

This can be way longer and it would do it even way better, amazing game

Great game all around. Cool mechanics, excellent atmosphere, and generally just one of the most captivating aesthetics I've ever seen in a game. I kind of wish it was maybe a bit longer, but at the same time I found it a nice bite-sized experience that I managed to beat in less than an afternoon. Really cool.

This might be my favourite of all of your games so far, once again you pack so much into a short but extremely unsettling experience. The fact that you keep building such great atmospheric games without monsters or chases really shows how incredibly talented you are. Got to say I really love how many of your games has this puzzle focus on doing tasks over and over, this one in particuar was weirdly satisfying and by the third day I was really getting into the flow of taking the samples. Felt like I could've kept doing it for hours. Absolutely brilliant. 

Very interesting game. The only one of the Unsorted Horror collection with more than one ending and the "bad" ending is absolutely haunting. Loved the gameplay loop and the new mechanic added in with each day. Great addition to this collection!

when i did the right combanation it still went wrong

same here. it has great atmosphere but Ive admnistered the anestesia about two dozen times ensuring i checked the correct disk and weight class, and I continually get reset. I tried to search for other people's videos playing but for some reason they all skipped straight to spoilers for the game instead of covering the early parts when I clicked. I am unsure how to continue. The directions are vague and I quite honestly have no clue what I could be doing wrong.

Hi, make sure you have the correct sub-class of the specimen. For example: Class C - Subclass 3.

Loved this - interesting gameplay (and fun!) with a really fitting soundtrack, very well made as well. Need moar levels

Very fun game will recommend

It is incredible how with so few mechanics you managed to create different situations and increase the difficulty progressively. And the beginning of the game reminded me of the opening sequence of the first Half life. It was a very good game

I am desperate for an "unending" mode where you can keep working. I love the gameplay loop and I just want to play it over and over again with different classes of subjects.

**** me this is good

This got real sketchy real quick. I loved it

i played 'the other side' recently, and while it's the same sort of mechanic, it felt entirely different. i want to know so much more about the lore! i second the comment suggesting an endless mode of sorts, that'd be a ton of fun if you ever wanted to expand on this game (: the ending was HAUNTING, i felt so much dread. kudos!

Confined horror at it's peak! Same vibes as iron lung, raises more question than answers and I like it very much. Really hope this genre will gain more attention in the future.

Had a great experience playing it. Really interesting game. But I wish there was an endless mode with some modifications. It has something unique, that I wish could play it more. 

This guy never misses!

could this game run on a low end laptop?

yes i believe it shouldnt be that tough to proceed


i like it

I just did a play through of this game on YouTube it was a fun game 

Some how I had some issues with the last organism making this 15-20min game into a 45 minute experience lol... But just like the other inclosed rusty masterpieces included in the Unsorted Horror series it was pretty d*mn good! 

I love these games

Is there an infinite mode? If not, I'd love to see one.

yeah i totally agree with this i would love an endless mode with maybe a little bit more content such as emails, machinery, etc. although just an endless mode with nothing else would be awesome. such an amazing game

Is there still no infinite mod ?

Absolute blast of a game that is 100% worth playing and both endings are pretty easy to get as well!

Really great games you got there Mike!
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What a compelling game, Mike! Thank you for sharing it with the world. I played this one as part of the Unsorted Horror package on Steam and enjoyed this (and the rest of the collection) immensely. The atmosphere, music, gameplay, it all came together so well.

I was wondering if you'd consider making the project files available as a study tool (particularly Carbon Steel, but the rest as well if you're open to it). I'd like to make games in this gere and seeing how you did it, or even some sort of "behind the scenes" or "making of" video would be super helpful! Either way, thank you for making it :)

Hey I'm glad you liked it, thanks for playing :). I doubt I will making the source code public any time soon, and regardless I feel like looking at the project file doesn't really help anyone understand any of the systems either, since there is practically 0 documentation throughout the project. But that's just my educated guess.

But if you have any specific questions or something you'd need help with then feel free to send them to my e-mail and I'll get back to you!

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That's totally fair. Okay cool, I'll send you an email then. Thanks for the reply!

Could we get an endless mode of this? the gameplay is pretty fun and i wish it lasted longer :>

where did you get your textures?

dude you are damn genius i very like your games passed game on the ending with engineer

this is cool man! you have talent! The disadvantage is that the game is not very scary, but game is cool.

Really enjoyed this, your games are different, yet amazing. Plus, this is one of the best theme songs i´ve ever listened to.

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