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What a compelling game, Mike! Thank you for sharing it with the world. I played this one as part of the Unsorted Horror package on Steam and enjoyed this (and the rest of the collection) immensely. The atmosphere, music, gameplay, it all came together so well.

I was wondering if you'd consider making the project files available as a study tool (particularly Carbon Steel, but the rest as well if you're open to it). I'd like to make games in this gere and seeing how you did it, or even some sort of "behind the scenes" or "making of" video would be super helpful! Either way, thank you for making it :)

Hey I'm glad you liked it, thanks for playing :). I doubt I will making the source code public any time soon, and regardless I feel like looking at the project file doesn't really help anyone understand any of the systems either, since there is practically 0 documentation throughout the project. But that's just my educated guess.

But if you have any specific questions or something you'd need help with then feel free to send them to my e-mail and I'll get back to you!

Could we get an endless mode of this? the gameplay is pretty fun and i wish it lasted longer :>

where did you get your textures?

dude you are damn genius i very like your games passed game on the ending with engineer

this is cool man! you have talent! The disadvantage is that the game is not very scary, but game is cool.

Really enjoyed this, your games are different, yet amazing. Plus, this is one of the best theme songs i´ve ever listened to.

Had some fun with this short game, honestly just wish there was more story in it!

Gamenya bagus tapi aku masih bingung apakah itu tempat eksperimen?

Good game

Great game as always, good work :)

Basically the same vibe as 'The other side'. As others said, I also didn't notice the level for setting the parameters, but that was actually a cool puzzle to figure out. I'm looking forward to more such styled games. Best wishes with game development

Este juego de terror parece la secuela de Iron Lung, donde tenemos que analizar especimenes provenientes de las profundidades marinas. Tras cada analisis, la dificultad del juego va aumentando asi que no se duerman!

Really great experience, I love the textures, general ambience and shadows, not too dark but dark enough where it needs to be.

As some said, the work loop flows really well and keeps the player engaged, it's nice to interact with the lab appliances and do the little things that commonly are scripted actions/animations in most games.

Now this point here is maybe really personal, but it took me a while to notice the anesthesia lever, sometimes those things that are right in your face you end up missing/not seeing, thinking it's something else you're doing wrong by tunnelvisioning something else, in my case i thought I was not understanding the buttons, mainly because of the way the instructions were displayed, with the X indicating the button position, I misunderstood it and thought it was some sort of puzzle lol

Nice dream sequences, really liked the blue sky, contrasted by the ugly ceiling upon waking up, it's very relatable.

Thanks for the game, has really fun overral

The anaesthesia lever is a commonly overlooked piece of the machine that I tried to fix with a wire running to it, but I guess it is odd that all of the controls are listed on the monitor besides the lever. Might just go ahead and make it even more visible now that you mention it. It's definitely not part of the puzzle haha.

Thanks for playing. I'm glad you liked it!

Fantastic game, it definitely had a similar to feel to The Other Side. 

You did an excellent job of leading the player, allowing us to explore the room to identify the different machinery and how it works. The escalation of difficulty over the 3 days worked really well, allowing me to get accustomed to the tasks before adding the timed component. I had a lot of fun!

Looking forward to your next game! 

Thanks for playing! :)

Fun game, a little frustrating at the beginning trying to understand what am I supposed to do, but then played and got both endings. Also +1 for adding a mouse sensitivity setting.

Interesting horror game.
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hi, made an account so i can post this lol

usually i dont bother to comment on games but yknow this game is nice

Anyway onto my point, great game! I enjoyed it, thank you for creating it. :)

I'd like to point out 2 things:

1) Nice HL1 reference at the intro of the game, I legit had my dots connect in my brain and went "wait is this what i think this is" so yeah, that was pretty cool.

2) Great sound work! I absolutely hate the ooey gooey sounds that came from the vessel when I first raised whatever the fuck those things are from the depths of hell, took me 10 minutes to figure out what I was supposed to do all while I was hearing slushy tentacle moving noises which did not help me calm down by ONE BIT, you really set in the tone & atmosphere for the game perfectly, thanks, I hate it.

(No seriously, really nice sound & ambiance work, it really helped immerse myself, especially with the workshift loop like carne_guisada said here in the comments)

oh also, could you release the theme of this game? when i first launched it and heard the theme i was thinking to myself "damn this actually goes hard wtf?", but no seriously though, i wanna listen to that on loop i like the sound of it

Thank you for the comment, I'm really glad you found it enjoyable! You can find the soundtrack for the game on this link. :)

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Ah thank you very much!

EDIT: Oh and one more thing I forgot to mention! 

*idk if its really a spoiler or not but ill still put this warning just in case, so yeah, a bit of a spoiler below i guess*


At the last specimen, the fact its banging synced with the music was really cool and I greatly enjoyed it! Made everything so much more intense and cool

Great horror game! I loved the atmosphere and mechanics.

Insanely well done game. The atmosphere, the sounds, the color-palette, really giving us that dystopian vibe. Would love to see you work on a larger sci-fi horror game with a bigger budget.

This was quite the experience! I enjoyed everything about it and the strangeness. We need more horror games like this!

why include a subclass just to fuck over the player by never providing one besides the first creature ? became tedious and annoying, just dying over and over again for no reason besides not being given the data needed to succeed. other than that great mechanics and concept i liked

Thanks for the feedback! The player is given enough data needed to succeed. Or did you find using the subclass pin-pointing machine tedious?

just finished this game, I thought, yes while tedious it made the last monster way more intense by adding yet another thing you have to rush to do so I think it was perfect, plus then you also have to try and not forget about the note left for you ;)

I had a lot of fun playing this game. It reminded me of my lab work days!

My only note is I think it would really suit an endless mode.

Very much enjoyed this. Would love to see more.

the workshift loop is really effective in immersing  you in the game's world. You feel like a worker in a science station.

Would love to see it extended somehow, I just wanna inhabit this world you created some more.

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Outstanding presentation.  The mechanics all feel very smooth and thought out.  The sound design and ambiance work well to provide immersion.  It's a shame there isn't more but I guess that is the beauty of a small and short game, it had a lot of impact.

Let me know if you need voiceover work in your future games, I'd be glad to join.

Thanks :) Will keep it in mind!

Amazing Game! The Best one so far. The Shuttle and the Entrace of the Lab is very Black Mesa (Half Life) like. I liked the game mechanics, it is also fun to play. 

Thanks for checking out my games! :) Greatly appreciate it.

Fantastic small horror. Had a lot of fun with the main task you do. Great tension throughout the game. Would love to see this be extended to have a couple more days, like to 7 days or something.I just legit-mentally like the loop that much ^^

Will deffo try your other games sooner or later, loved it!

Takes a sec to figure out, but I really enjoyed this one!  Incredibly spooky.

Hi. I'm a virtual reality game developer. I want to know if you would be interested in/would mind if I remake some of your games like this one using unity (the same game engine you use) and a virtual reality character controller similar to the one I'm using for my own game. 

I have no words to describe how much I love the games you make, and I have just found them. 

If you want to contact me about the remaking, please, write me at

Thanks a lot for the time and effort you put in your games.

Another awesome game, similar to The Other Side which is also truly brilliant.  Thank you for another incredible game.

Can I have the intro music (or outro), if possible a sort of "full?" version of the "better" ending music? I loved that piece.

Also the game is great.

I'm not sure what you mean exactly, but the soundtrack can be found below the recent patch notes. And thank you for the kind words!

seems interesting but theres very little options in the settings (audio and graphics settings would of been nice) and im pretty sure the sensitivity is based on the framerate as its slowing and speeding when my fps dips

if you want to adjust mouse sensitivity press tab button

no, i know how to adjust it

its just based on framerate, and it isnt multiplied by delta time causing issues

Definitely a very unusual game.

very interesting game. I loved.

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That was amazing. Love the atmosphere, everything looks so cool. I loved the drill from The Other Side, but this was even cooler! Keep up the great work.

that was amazing,
really had that feeling of 'oh fuck' when they just throw things at you that you really don't want to do.

how do you do it?

Was oddly fun. But it took way long for me to understand how to do things lol.

Mike, have I ever told you how much I appreciate your work? No? Well I do. Keep making games and I'll keep playing them.

Thanks! <3

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I like it very much. Textures, sounds, everything.

How do I open some quit/continue screen?

I had to use good old xkill from the terminal to get out of the fullscreened game.

Were you on Linux?


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Loved it! 10/10, need more.

I can see new players be scared of the unexplained mechanics, but for me, I felt the right kind of "lost".

(but that's part of the puzzle right?)

Yes, it can be a bit overwhelming at first. I'm glad you liked it. Thanks for playing!

Your game is unique and a little bit challenging at first, but I manage to finish it somehow, and I'm so hooked on what's going to happen when I'm playing your game. Overall, playing your game was fun and scary, and I like the ending of the game because it fits the story that you tell. Great work DEV :). And check out my gameplay here.

Thanks for playing! :)

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