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Takes a sec to figure out, but I really enjoyed this one!  Incredibly spooky.

Hi. I'm a virtual reality game developer. I want to know if you would be interested in/would mind if I remake some of your games like this one using unity (the same game engine you use) and a virtual reality character controller similar to the one I'm using for my own game. 

I have no words to describe how much I love the games you make, and I have just found them. 

If you want to contact me about the remaking, please, write me at

Thanks a lot for the time and effort you put in your games.

Another awesome game, similar to The Other Side which is also truly brilliant.  Thank you for another incredible game.

Can I have the intro music (or outro), if possible a sort of "full?" version of the "better" ending music? I loved that piece.

Also the game is great.

I'm not sure what you mean exactly, but the soundtrack can be found below the recent patch notes. And thank you for the kind words!

seems interesting but theres very little options in the settings (audio and graphics settings would of been nice) and im pretty sure the sensitivity is based on the framerate as its slowing and speeding when my fps dips

if you want to adjust mouse sensitivity press tab button

no, i know how to adjust it

its just based on framerate, and it isnt multiplied by delta time causing issues

Definitely a very unusual game.

very interesting game. I loved.

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That was amazing. Love the atmosphere, everything looks so cool. I loved the drill from The Other Side, but this was even cooler! Keep up the great work.

that was amazing,
really had that feeling of 'oh fuck' when they just throw things at you that you really don't want to do.

how do you do it?

Was oddly fun. But it took way long for me to understand how to do things lol.

Mike, have I ever told you how much I appreciate your work? No? Well I do. Keep making games and I'll keep playing them.

Thanks! <3

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I like it very much. Textures, sounds, everything.

How do I open some quit/continue screen?

I had to use good old xkill from the terminal to get out of the fullscreened game.

Were you on Linux?


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Loved it! 10/10, need more.

I can see new players be scared of the unexplained mechanics, but for me, I felt the right kind of "lost".

(but that's part of the puzzle right?)

Yes, it can be a bit overwhelming at first. I'm glad you liked it. Thanks for playing!

Your game is unique and a little bit challenging at first, but I manage to finish it somehow, and I'm so hooked on what's going to happen when I'm playing your game. Overall, playing your game was fun and scary, and I like the ending of the game because it fits the story that you tell. Great work DEV :). And check out my gameplay here.

Thanks for playing! :)

Bro, fantastic game. Would HIGHLY recommend!

Thanks! <3

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Normally I'm not that big a fan of horror games unless they're more 'atmospheric/environmental' horror, and the way this game presents itself is so fantastic for how short an experience it is. I love the buildup of horror and task complexity in tandem, and even though I made a mistake or two on my first attempts, the information is always there as long as you know how to interpret it and mess with the machines presented to you.

I have been a fan of your games since The Other Side and greatly look forward to what you make next!

Thanks for the support! <3

Just saw that IGP played this on YouTube. Awesome to see your games getting attention! Left behind a little donation, keep going!

Thank you! Greatly appreciate it :)

What an awesome experience this game was

I'd seriously recommend expanding on this world/premise!!! This game was so well made and it honestly felt like a chapter to a much bigger experience. Keep up the great work and I'll be keeping my eye out for future projects and maybe even new chapters or sequels to this game!!

Also I'd like to say I really like the music to this game, not too sure why but I thought it really fit the game.

Stay Safe and Stay Positive 


This is a great "metal" horror game! Loved the eeriness and creepiness of it. Truly a great work!!

This game needs a proper plot and needs to be longer it has so much potential, I adore the puzzles

What a great pearl of a game!

Around the start of day 2 I convinced myself that you were the same creator of The Deep, a game that I loved in every detail. It's almost uncanny to see that the similarities are just a coincidence.

What I enjoyed the most was the way I was dropped into the lab and had to figure everything out for myself, while an unseen creature from the depths of [REDACTED] pounded against the walls of its steel coffin. Every time I learned what a new button did I felt a sense of joy, that was quickly changed back into urgency by the creature's next howl.

The ending was a bit sudden and I was hoping the plot to develop a little more, but of course as a free game it's already gone above and beyond.

Thank you. Really appreciate the feedback!

I played thru a few of your games today after getting really excited by one of them and I just, fell in love! I absolutely love the whole vibe, I think they have really great mechanical hooks and the way that while playing them you sort of feel your way through learning what everything does until by the end you feel like you have a really solid grasp on all of the systems is just fantastic!

The atmosphere also does a lot, not just the aesthetics and the ways tension is built but also the general conceit of your player character being a very small part of a bleak wider world that has pushed them into a kind of cornered position where learning and mastering these systems is their way of trying to earn back some control is just. Stellar!! Great job with all of these, seriously!

That means a lot. Thank you so much! :)

This was really fun to play. Started very half lifey and ended up with choices for which way you wanted to go. 

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Its Awesome!

my poor potato ;-;'

I thought I was on the fast track to move up within the organization hahaha ohh boy was I wrong! I love the low-poly grittiness the game has, very reminiscent of The Other Side. Having to figure out and operate the equipment has a certain amount of a satisfaction factor, it's soo enjoyable! Not to mention, your games are easily a gateway for deep lore. It'd be fantastic if each game could connect in some way!

Great Work!

Didn't even realize I had played some of your other games before but they were fantastic and this one didn't disappoint. Awesome horror game that everyone should check out. Great job!

I loved this game!

I played "Control Room Alpha" a while ago and decided to check this one out since I loved that first game so much. You do such a good job with story building in these horror games - to where it is still scary but also  fascinating at the same time. My only suggestion would be outlining or highlighting the controls (levers) if it's going to be a "one color" look to the game - the only reason being that my eyes are bad and I wasn't able to see the lever to change the formula mixture and was confused on how to do it initially. Thanks so much for sharing your game! 

I played this on my YouTube - if you'd like to check it out then click this link!

Fantastic game and very much in the realm of "The Other Side" - more of these games please! Solid 8.5/10

Very creepy. I chose poorly xD

Já tinha jogado o Other Side, então reconheci a sala logo de cara. Um joguinho bem interessante que parte da mesma premissa, mas que tem um pouco mais de história. Curti

Great game! Really would like to see more of the world/story behind it.

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Hey Mike,

As promised;

Dang it. I made a mistake. I never touched the actual handle. My bad. it works. Apologies for the hassle.

Fun game that was very involved. Would really love to see more of this world. Also, I don't know if it is a bug, but when first going to sleep there is a cutscene of a blue sky. The dream is almost immediately cut short and the player wakes up (which can be seen in my video). I wasn't sure if this was intended or if it was a bug because it was a little jarring. Other than that, the game is great and I had a lot of fun.

Hey Mike,

I think I ran into a bug, very early on in the game and I can't progress. After having slept [first time?], and reading the email, I can't get access to any canisters, because the sliding, metal door on the left will not open. As I see nothing else that will open, I'm stuck.


OS Win 11 Pro 64-bit

AMD Ryzen 5 3600 [6 core processor]


NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 [12 GB]

Hope this helps.



P.S. I did try to run the game in compatible mode [Win 8], to no avail.

Sorry about that. Just want to make sure that you interacted with the metal door handle? There are 2 things pretty close together, there's a button with 2 red lights and next to that is the handle, which opens the door.

@Mike Klubnika,

I tried both; the metal door handle and the lights. You know what, after work [later in the day], I'll record it and upload it, so you can see it for yourself.




That would be useful, thanks. I am away for a bit starting from tomorrow, but will check it out when I get the time. Sorry about the glitch.

I had a blast, the concept is genius, the gameplay is so much fun, I made all possible mistakes, I am sure but enjoyed every second of it. And the little appreciation at the end: I was delighted, what a lovely surprise. 

I love how your main themes stay the same but you always come up with a very unique settings, stories and gameplay. 

You're welcome, thanks for playing! :)

Awesome game! Very tense, and the sound design and the art were both amazing. The gameplay was cool, I'm a little new to horror but I'm a big fan of the "menial sci-fi tasks while there's a huge monster next to you" concept. I felt like both endings were lacking in impact a little though, I was expecting something more like the dream.


Very good work! Another great game. Very tense at times and it was pressure at times! I really enjoyed this one, it took me a little time, but I got there! I hope you enjoy my gameplay! 

Thanks for playing :)

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