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Infineural is a short horror game that doesn't rely on jumpscares or monsters to shock the player, but instead on the concept of time dilation. This game features multiple endings.

Remember: 1 minute on Earth is 10 years in the warp-drive, so make sure you drink that coffee. It makes you forget.

(This game has flashing images & features suicidal topics. Player discretion is advised.)

WASD : move
E : interact
computer controls:
SPACE : select
W, S : navigate


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I've recently been going through your games and so far am loving all of them. Although a bit confused at first, the concept of the game is really great and clever! I wish this could be adapted into a longer, bigger game but I guess that would ruin the neat, scary charm your games hold wouldn't it :P

Keep being awesome and releasing awesome games, my dude!

Thanks, Kino!

I recently played Unsorted VHS and had to check out your other work, this is lovely, such a neat idea, it feels like a Twilight Zone segment (a very Bradbury vibe),  and I loved the two endings, they really gave some heft to the story’s implications. 

Thanks :)

played it like 2 weeks ago but uploaded it today. Good game! 


Credits and much love to you, developer! Thank you for the AWESOME game. I can't wait for the next one. I get to play this in the Philippines!

A very cool, concept to a game. Would love to see this expanded.....

Thanks for playing!

The future is looking promising.


Very impressive, love the tiny little details and the small scale. Various aspects remind me of the best elements of valve games. Will be playing all your games to see what you got!


Thanks! Glad it reminded you of Valve games, that is a huge compliment.


Very big problem with this game is that, ironically, its too short.
Having to go through at least 15-20 questions (with the possibility of adding more to the counter) before the time passes would really add to it. Otherwise I like it.

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Comments below clip;

Mike's the kind of DEV that gives you a real bang for your buck. He creates games with small footprints that take you to worlds you'd never imagined existed. Furthermore, his games make you think beyond your own worldview. So far I've played 3 of his games and loved each one of them, this one included. Thank you, Mike and keep 'em coming!


Thank you so much the kind words, that means a lot to me!


How many endings does the game have? I've only gotten 2


Right now there are only 2 endings.

the game consept was cool Found It Intresting Loved The Graphics And The Sound effects

Thank you :)

Love the game, great idea with a good execution! Keep it up!

Thank you for the kind words :)

As I started the game I wondered if it was a tribute to the Stanley Parable. Of course I still don't know the answer.

Nice concept, well executed. The coffee ending caught me a bit off-guard. 

I'm glad it was short but curated, it helped the experience to stand out from the crowd.

Thanks for developing it :)

Thank you so much! :)

Really nice game. Made me think.

Thank you :)

great jobs

Thanks for playing!

When i saw how many questions there were i was ready to sit all night and say answering them all but then i saw it skippes every few questions lol

Haha, thanks for playing :D


I thought u were gonna let me answer 9000000 questions, anyways the game was great :)

Thanks :)

It impressed me a lot when I first played it. I play it over and over just to experience that atmosphere.

Really glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for playing!

This game was very interesting!

This was a great game! Great concept, mechanics felt good, and it had different endings! It was an immersive experience with great visuals. I really enjoyed playing it.

The ambiance, the atmosphere, sound design. Everything about it was a fantastic experience. I would love to see an expanded world for this game, like exploring more of the corporation and finding out exactly what they do and what "Watchdog" is. Truly a fantastic experience and one that I enjoyed playing multiple times.


Thank you so much! :)

Ok wow, this was very interesting!

Thank you! If you liked this concept, then I would recommend reading Stephen King's short story "The Jaunt". It's what inspired this game.

Gave this one a Let's Play now :P 


Awesome. Great game.

Thanks, really glad you enjoyed it :)


love the game thank you :):):)


I loved this game! I would really like to see it updated with more endings and expanded story. Who is Watchdog? What is INFINEURAL doing with our data? Great game!


Astonishing visuals for this style and over the top immersive gameplay - fantastic job Mike! 

First of all, thanks again for considering me worthy of showcasing this amazing game. I went playing this with high expectations and it did deliver - sound design was great, cutscenes were great, the environment, ambience, atmosphere and story - brilliant. 

I enjoyed every second of the game, although I wish the game was a bit longer. I don't know if there is a third or forth ending to this game, but seems like it has a potential of exploring the "corporation" deeper and what makes this game stand out the most is the lore. 


Thanks a lot for the feedback. Really glad you enjoyed it :)


Thank you once again for bringing such a quality content and I truly enjoyed the game. Can't wait for the newer projects, you are doing wonderful job! Cheers!