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Infineural is a short horror game that doesn't rely on jumpscares or monsters to shock the player, but instead on the concept of time dilation. This game features multiple endings.

Remember: 1 minute on Earth is 10 years in the warp-drive, so make sure you drink that coffee. It makes you forget.

(This game has flashing images & features suicidal topics. Player discretion is advised.)

WASD : move
E : interact
computer controls:
SPACE : select
W, S : navigate
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(47 total ratings)
AuthorMike Klubnika
GenreSurvival, Adventure
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Creepy, First-Person, Horror, Psychological Horror, Retro, Short, Singleplayer


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Its an interesting game, had fun playing it!

Could you please implement an option to change the settings by pressing ESC? The mouse sensitivity is way too high and I cant play it without getting dizzy

Interesting little game.

Очень концептуальная игра, получил хорошие эмоции от её прохождения. 

They have my brain.. Oh no.

Hey friends. Hope you enjoy the video as much as I enjoyed the game ! 

Very wonderful game! The atmosphere was comfortable but creepy, I really enjoyed playing this again only this time I have a channel I can post it on! (:
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Maybe put in an epilepsy warning, that sequence after stepping into the chamber is too wild for some brains.

Good little Story though. Definitely play both endings!

You have an interesting mind and lots of great/terrifying ideas.

Absolute banger, 100% one of my favorite experiences I have had on this site! Thanks for the great game! (3rd game)

good game

It seems to me that it is better to open these endings in reverse order so that it is not so mentally difficult

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that was... interesting. i wasted basically 10 years of my life (1 minute on earth), staring at a computer screen, answering tedious questions, making your life precarious and annihilated.

never going to the warp drive again :skull:

10/10 very tasty coffee

I had a lot of fun playing Infineural! Even though there wasn’t much too much to the gameplay, I had a blast answering the questions and trying to figure out what was going on! I do wish there had been a little bit more impact when it came to the answers that I chose. Regardless, great job!

Crazy experience i loved it!! Very good indeed, everything about the game is very good the story about how the machine works the theory about, everything very good, you did a great job with the game and the story congrats i really enjoyed it keep it up

Gameplay PT-BR

Loved the game! Great work!

A short but harrowing experience about infinity. Also braindead questions.

Amazing game. I would love a game like this, where it's like The Stanley Parable mixed with Papers Please, where all you do is answer questions on a test. Tbh, not too far off from the US education system lol

This is really wonderful. I love how this one uses different vibes to get at something similar to your other games in a really striking way.

Like, the contrast between the gorgeous view of the pink sunset and the dark enclosure of the computer room, as well as the lack of mechanical detail in the work being done makes it so the inhumane nature of that work stands out that much more. This is really well done and really hits its themes very well, imo!

Drank the coffee, definitely.

I really enjoyed this.

I originally drunk the coffee. I think it would be pretty fun if I couldn't restart the game, and I would never know what happened.

When I was asked the question about drinking coffee, I was disappointed there wasn't some variation on the story based on my answer there. E.g. if I told the truth and said that I didn't drink the coffee, I was thinking I was going to get kicked out of the experiment or something.

Thanks for making this.

There only two endings right?

yes i think 

Cool game. It's a bit disturbing that you spend a long time in the warp drive and not remember anything.


I think I am experiencing a bug where a text line disappears early.

In the coffee "route", I got the following text:
"Is the test over? I don't remember a single thing."

As the first line appeared I started walking around, and then as soon as the second line got to "Maybe" the text disappeared. I did not click on anything. No other text seemed to come after this.

Then, after sitting down with the guy on the chair outside, I got all the lines up through the one that ends "I guess we'll never find out." and then the next line just started "PE" before disappearing.  Not even the whole word "PERSON:". This was followed by a long pause, and then "PERSON: And maybe that's for the best.". Again, I didn't click on anything when this happened so I don't understand the cause.

On a re-run, the first bit again was cut off at "Maybe I s", the second at "PERS". I can't think of reasons why that would happen. I haven't played the non-coffee "route" yet, though.


It also happened to me in the non-coffee route.
The same bug occurs in the gameplay videos posted below by TrustyToastGamer and queenfaith, on the exact same lines of text as failed for me. It does not seem to occur in most others' videos.

I downloaded / installed / launched the game through the itch.io desktop app. Let me know if you want any information about my hardware configuration.

Very cool little game! The concept of spending a seemingly infinite amount of time performing the smae chore over and over scares me to no end. Very well done!

A really interesting game.

Not really scary like I thought it would be but it's not disappointing at all. Left me slightly disturbed and I would love to read a book with this concept, honestly.

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This game was actually inspired by a short story called "The Jaunt" by Stephen King. I think you'll love it.


I've recently been going through your games and so far am loving all of them. Although a bit confused at first, the concept of the game is really great and clever! I wish this could be adapted into a longer, bigger game but I guess that would ruin the neat, scary charm your games hold wouldn't it :P

Keep being awesome and releasing awesome games, my dude!

Thanks, Kino!

I recently played Unsorted VHS and had to check out your other work, this is lovely, such a neat idea, it feels like a Twilight Zone segment (a very Bradbury vibe),  and I loved the two endings, they really gave some heft to the story’s implications. 

Thanks :)

played it like 2 weeks ago but uploaded it today. Good game! 


Credits and much love to you, developer! Thank you for the AWESOME game. I can't wait for the next one. I get to play this in the Philippines!

A very cool, concept to a game. Would love to see this expanded.....

Thanks for playing!

The future is looking promising.


Very impressive, love the tiny little details and the small scale. Various aspects remind me of the best elements of valve games. Will be playing all your games to see what you got!


Thanks! Glad it reminded you of Valve games, that is a huge compliment.


Very big problem with this game is that, ironically, its too short.
Having to go through at least 15-20 questions (with the possibility of adding more to the counter) before the time passes would really add to it. Otherwise I like it.

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Comments below clip;

Mike's the kind of DEV that gives you a real bang for your buck. He creates games with small footprints that take you to worlds you'd never imagined existed. Furthermore, his games make you think beyond your own worldview. So far I've played 3 of his games and loved each one of them, this one included. Thank you, Mike and keep 'em coming!


Thank you so much the kind words, that means a lot to me!


How many endings does the game have? I've only gotten 2


Right now there are only 2 endings.

the game consept was cool Found It Intresting Loved The Graphics And The Sound effects

Thank you :)

Love the game, great idea with a good execution! Keep it up!

Thank you for the kind words :)

As I started the game I wondered if it was a tribute to the Stanley Parable. Of course I still don't know the answer.

Nice concept, well executed. The coffee ending caught me a bit off-guard. 

I'm glad it was short but curated, it helped the experience to stand out from the crowd.

Thanks for developing it :)

Thank you so much! :)

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