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Yep, I had to find out what was happening inside, and ended up wasting years of my life.

Loved this one so much, very cool concept! I will take precaution drinking coffee now 🫡

Phenomenal interpretation of a classical philosophical idea of us being in a dream that perfectly depicts misery of human existence and competing in a rat race. Makes you think and contemplate.

Loved this game! Thought provoking and scary in the Black Mirror sense. 10/10! 


This game has a great sense of exploration. with secrets and hidden areas to discover.


Chat GPT уже не тот..

Короче, на российском телевидении сказали что эта игра заставляет людей сходить с ума и самоубиваться.


i love your games keep making them or else

i have some problems with the dialog: it's skipping! maybie it's the fact that i'm rocking a GT730!

i loved this the fact that the "AI" isn't AI it's just a huge amount of people it was awesome

I'm unsettled.. amazing game!


This is basically what we are doing to AI's aren't we?

Well I doubt current one are anywhere near able to process how awful this is, but if we ever get to the point where it's a thing it's actually disturbing thinking we could be sending a sentient being through that kind of hell

Short and sweet. Very enjoyable.




Awesome game,ending 2 was pretty disturbing and creepy psychologically,by the way i really like your games,i like how atmospheric they is,Unsorted Horror is one of my favorite games ever on this site,this one is also great,5\5

Imagine having to take a math test for 50 years O_O lol good game 


hey yeah.. its never explained why we don't age.


it did to the left of the door, they put your mind in a robot body


Quickly becoming a huge fan of your work, played a good amount of your games and none have disappointed thus far. Wouldn't call this one scary though, I thought the test was hilarious.  Still, a great experience once again, can't wait to play the rest of your games (plus whatever you make in the future). Your game starts at 11:23 on my video.


Thanks u for very great experience! :)

This was more unsettling than expected, I'm going to be thinking about this game for a while. Got the forget ending first and after I got the remember ending I did actually replay it to see if I could just walk away without ever going into the Infinural building at all; should've known that was never an option yet I still felt the urge to try. Despite the fact that you don't actually answer that many questions in gameplay somehow it did feel like I was there for ages (almost makes me wonder how it would feel if there were more questions to go through). Great game, really enjoying going through your work so far.  

You had exactly the same process ^^ (also the irony of having to do a captcha to login to post this comment T.T)

this is crazy! 

I did some calculations to figure out how long someone may have been in there for.
Its seems like it could range anywhere from 100 years to 1000 years, with most people probably taking about 300 years.
Though - these numbers all depend on whether the watchdog has correct answers.
Suicide after the green text simulator seems probable.

Here are my calculations, I did my best to label everything but it might still be a bit confusing at first.


most horror games just give cheap jump scares and dark rooms, this game is not that though, its very short and left me having many questions. It tricks you with the bright and happy sky and nice sounds from the ocean but It turns into a very interesting and unique game that not many other are like, god this is a good game.  



gave me a very strange feeling which is a great thing

But...what kind of bagel am I?

Another great game by one of the best developers here on ! :)

You're too kind! :) Thank you

cool games :)

Its an interesting game, had fun playing it!


Could you please implement an option to change the settings by pressing ESC? The mouse sensitivity is way too high and I cant play it without getting dizzy

Interesting little game.

Очень концептуальная игра, получил хорошие эмоции от её прохождения. 

They have my brain.. Oh no.

Hey friends. Hope you enjoy the video as much as I enjoyed the game ! 

Very wonderful game! The atmosphere was comfortable but creepy, I really enjoyed playing this again only this time I have a channel I can post it on! (:
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Maybe put in an epilepsy warning, that sequence after stepping into the chamber is too wild for some brains.

Good little Story though. Definitely play both endings!

You have an interesting mind and lots of great/terrifying ideas.

Absolute banger, 100% one of my favorite experiences I have had on this site! Thanks for the great game! (3rd game)

good game

It seems to me that it is better to open these endings in reverse order so that it is not so mentally difficult

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that was... interesting. i wasted basically 10 years of my life (1 minute on earth), staring at a computer screen, answering tedious questions, making your life precarious and annihilated.

never going to the warp drive again :skull:

10/10 very tasty coffee

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