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"The Other Side" is a puzzle horror game, where you secretly drill through a reinforced metal wall using a janky drill. You have to repair and maintain the drill throughout the process, using tools and other pieces of equipment to pinpoint and fix the issues that occur.


  • 15-18 minute playthrough.
  • Jury-rigged drill that has many configurable components.
  • 10 pieces of separate equipment required to maintain the drill.
  • No hand holding. Undecorated terminal text will guide your path.
  • Original soundtrack by Jabbu.


The game takes place in a cramped storage room inside a sprawling, windowless shelter built thousands of years ago. The smell of rust and decay lingers in the air. Nobody thinks about trying to go outside, because they don't know it exists. And those that do - they're quickly eliminated. There's a reason everyone is in this shelter, and the officers make sure everyone stays inside.

After an explosion blew on the surface level, in the doorless, windowless and cramped shelter, the crowd that gathered around all saw a glimpse of The Other Side. After the scene was cleared, and the hole walled off, over 200 people were killed. Nobody must know of the outside.

But they forgot one person.

Ever since, you've been fabricating a drill that can break through the reinforced wall of the shelter. Months of prototyping, noise complaints, bribes and close calls have lead up to this point. Today is the day you escape this hell, and find out the truth.

- - -

For future game updates/announcements, follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/mikeklubnika

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(201 total ratings)
AuthorMike Klubnika
GenrePuzzle, Simulation
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Creepy, First-Person, Horror, Retro, Short, Singleplayer


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very intuitive game. i appreciated being able to click from afar. My friend would hit it with the monster

very cool short game, very smartly designed, and a good soundtrack. 100% worth checking out!

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This game is really good! It felt so stressful and I only had 1 minute before security arrived but I was able to beat the game and uh question. What was that thing at the end?


Dear AAA devs. This is how you make a fun challenge. Stop artificially increasing the difficulty by spamming enemies everywhere. Thank you.

The climactic sequence for this game was stressful in a fun way. It felt like it was from a good movie. Overall I love it!


Uno de mis juegos cortos de terror favoritos, diferente a lo habitual y un final que te deja roto, felicidades, congratulations ^^


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Something worth noting, I had installed some updates onto my machine (GPU and Bluetooth), if you don't restart this might cause your game to be choppy. But after restart it is fine.

UPDATE: Amazing game after playing it!

Thanks for the heads up!


I love this! To me personally, this gameplay loop is incredibly unique and also quite fun. I said it in the video too but I would love to play a bigger game based around the mechanics in here. You know it's a good game when the player is asking for more when it's over. Thanks for making it!

You're welcome! Thanks for playing :)

I had such a fun time playing this game, the tasks were just vague enough to make the time crunch really hit right. Love the art style, the subject matter, everything!

it's intriguing what's going to happen, And it pays well in the end. Great short DEV :). And Feel free to watch the gameplay here.

The Game confused and frustrated me at first but i clutched it in the end ,liked it.

Was fun. Give it a try, it's not a huge time sink, or a big download. No reason not to.

I loved this idea! The whole thing is really cool. I kind of mentioned it in the video I think, but a randomly generated mode would be cool.

I absolutely love the world you've set up as of now, do you think you'll be building off this world any further in future games? (I'm just so curious due to the games ending) 

this is an incredible game i love it so much!

Thanks! Glad you liked it :)

Great world building and production quality! The attention to detail in the assets as well as the perfect execution of the intense phase of the game makes this one of those indie gems! GG


yr welcome :)

The claustrophobic feeling this game brings on is perfect and a good lesson on how the grass isn't always greener on the other side. I loved this a lot and like others are saying, very unique! I reminded me of the same feeling I got when I played Iron Lung so this gets a nice 5 star from me. I did a gameplay video on this as well for my Halloween 2022 series. Sad it took me so long to play this but glad I did! 


Really appreciate it :)

You're welcome! Sorry if I butchered your name at the end! I think I got close hahaha Cheers!

Really enjoyed it. Really cool concept, intense drilling. :) 

Thanks for playing!

Very cool game with a unique concept :)

Thanks :)

Deleted 97 days ago

verdict : playing horror games foe 7 days no stop

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(Spoilers) I'm really bad at Horror games but this was fun. As soon as I started that second layer and the lights turned red my heart started pounding,  I don't know if there is something that scary at the end of the countdown but the limited time of doom works well! 


Thank you :). Glad you had fun!


Really good game! The intro music killed my earsXD But good game

verdict : death by loud justin Bieber music

payday 2 simulator

Deleted 132 days ago

i love how you put the player in one room; just one room and stress em to death. like fr. this game, control room alpha and for the entity. it's just the best <3.


Thanks! :)

Incredible concept, I love everything about this game
The story was very intriguing, felt like a short story that I would 100% read
Also loved how tense the final segment was, the timer and all the parts breaking really made it feel like a mad rush
I reviewed it here, really good stuff

What a cool video! Thanks a bunch for featuring the game. :)

Thanks so much for such a fun game! I really enjoyed it :)

Atmospheric and a well-done puzzle! Loved the story presented in the game, felt like being in the world of a vintage sci-fi novella.

Thanks :)

Enjoyable quick little game. Very tense and well timed final time limit.

Small bug report: on my 16:10 1920x1200 screen the fade to black doesn't cover the entire screen leaving small slivers at the top and bottom showing the old scene through.

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Praise! Praise! I really enjoyed it thoroughly, wonderfully escalative and loved the end. Well done! Inspiring! and the sound and oh so the music really added to the atmosphere! Fantastic!


super fun gameplay, i loved the ramping up of anxiety as the clock ticks down :)



Amazing game! I loved the story, and the gameplay was surprisingly fun for being so simple. The atmosphere was incredible, and I loved the ending. I'll definitely be checking out more of your games!


Made an account just to comment on this, and I have to say I'm very impressed. For something so short it beautifully established the limited systems and made clear the process for the actual game. Watching that timer tick down was tense, but fair with my only major complaint being how picky the coolant/fuel hatch was to put back down after lifting it.

Great little game though, minus the fact that it makes me wish there was something full length that was similar to this, as I adore the idea of it as a full game - horror or otherwise. Thank you for your work on this project, it was really cool. :)


Thanks for the kind comment. Really appreciate it :)

dope game kind of Definity should make more games 

Thank you :)

Very cool short game and idea! Keep it up :)



Time to get ManlyBadassHero to play this hidden hem

lmao this is so underated

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Thanks! He actually stumbled on it a day after it released.

Excellent brief experience that smartly and seamlessly combines the tutorial and actual gameplay. This short game demonstrates just how much can be accomplished with so little.

very very cool experience. one of the tensest things ive played in a while.

Thank you! :)


I had a lot of fun with this game. A really cool concept as well!


Glad you liked it! :)

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