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"The Other Side" is out now on Steam,
as part of the Unsorted Horror collection.


"The Other Side" is a puzzle horror game, where you secretly drill through a reinforced metal wall using a janky drill. You have to repair and maintain the drill throughout the process, using tools and other pieces of equipment to pinpoint and fix the issues that occur.


  • 15-18 minute playthrough.
  • Jury-rigged drill that has many configurable components.
  • 10 pieces of separate equipment required to maintain the drill.
  • No hand holding. Undecorated terminal text will guide your path.
  • Original soundtrack by Jabbu.


The game takes place in a cramped storage room inside a sprawling, windowless shelter built thousands of years ago. The smell of rust and decay lingers in the air. Nobody thinks about trying to go outside, because they don't know it exists. And those that do - they're quickly eliminated. There's a reason everyone is in this shelter, and the officers make sure everyone stays inside.

After an explosion blew on the surface level, in the doorless, windowless and cramped shelter, the crowd that gathered around all saw a glimpse of The Other Side. After the scene was cleared, and the hole walled off, over 200 people were killed. Nobody must know of the outside.

But they forgot one person.

Ever since, you've been fabricating a drill that can break through the reinforced wall of the shelter. Months of prototyping, noise complaints, bribes and close calls have lead up to this point. Today is the day you escape this hell, and find out the truth.

- - -

For future game updates/announcements, follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/mikeklubnika

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(278 total ratings)
AuthorMike Klubnika
GenrePuzzle, Simulation
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Creepy, First-Person, Horror, Retro, Short, Singleplayer


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This One Is Strange. But Great Nonetheless.

Have we been on Aranearum Island all this time?

Fifth and final in the line up. One heck of a trip, tension building weird fiction bit of horror. A great game doing so very much with so very little. Good job.

I do love me a horror game that uses unreliable tech as a game mechanic rather than a gimmick. Love how the first stage is a low-stakes tutorial for the second stage under pressure, and how you’re not really sure when security arrives.

I think the game could use a crosshair change to indicate where and when you can use stuff, as I was mindlessly clicking most of the time, and that the ending was kinda predictable. Still, a great little thriller.

Thanks! :)

Played all 5 of your games in Unsorted Horrors and i was amazed, the atmosphere is super good, thanks for making such a great games!

Thank you for playing! :)

Hi, i just wanted to ask u, why there is no Unsorted VHS game on steam cuz i wanted to play it and its better for me to buy games on steam, pls release Unsorted VHS on steam!!!😢😢😢😢

in order to play all your games, i think this is the best one to start with, really good job.

please - god please - make another game 

This was an interesting and unexpected ending

Thank you for your wonderful work♪

when you open the hatch while screwing in a bolt u may no longer close the hatch and soft lock your game.

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This game was a great experience! Thank you!


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Probably my favorite Klubnika game so far. I will say the [spoilers] creature at the end was kind of cheesy, but the security countdown genuinely had me stressed :)

Cool game, gameplay is smooth and well thought out!
Had a lot of fun playing <3


Thanks! Glad you liked it :)

I was not expecting that ending lol

Fun experience playing this game, definitely looking to playing the rest of the games made! 

We played your game on twitch and it was a blast! The concept of what could be on the other side? Why are we isolated? Believing in freedom and false aluring the player to actual freedom was brilliant! Well done Mike Klubnika! Enjoyed your game alot! ^^ 

Enjoyed this one a lot!

Reminded me of a better version of Iron Lung 

This is excellent. The atmosphere fantastic and immersive.

This game concept was so cool, loved it!

Thanks :)


This game was a lot of fun and I look forward to playing the other games in the collection

Man what a game really great and loved everymoment of panic in it :)

Un excellent jeu.

Its a great game, well done!

I just started playing your Unsorted Horrors collection! This game was great without a doubt, I had no idea drilling through a wall could be so scary!

I really enjoyed this game, great job! :)

Hello friend, this game is super fun, CONGRATULATIONS, I want you to subscribe to my channel and support me, your help is important to me, count on me for other games, a super greeting!

Good Game

You're paying for my blood pressure medication Lmao.

Horrifying roller coaster of cardiac failure.


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Nice little game, finished and gave a little something since it finally frustrated me enough to solve my laptop's touchpad keyboard/palm disabling annoyances and increased my reflexes to not run out of time!

(Would be cool if there was an a sorta endless/additional difficulty mode with randomized failures, more/variable time and walls ie, 4mins minimum added per round, up to 6-7min but I figure development is done haha)

The gameplay is balanced perfectly. I really like how in fact it's not as complex as I though at first, and you can learn all the mechanics before the time trial. Atmopshere and assets are decent, I always love games with such theme and with old electronic devices such as these PCs.

The time trial was really balanced perfectly, just perfect to require full focus and stress in order to complete it.

The ending was really unexpected and funny :P

Thanks for playing :). I'm glad you liked it!

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Never know your heros.


Tbf, it's not as if itch has ever tried to raise funds for anything that wasn't the most pure evil

I love this Game and i have several ideas I would love to run past you. I am having issues getting back on twitter as my 2fa is having issues. can you reach out to me on here or youtube and let's start a discussion? I would like to ensure I have your permission before I move forward with my ideas.

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Hey thanks for playing! You can send them to mikeklubnika@gmail dot com. That's cool.

overall it's a good game, the story could be explored more to make the game bigger, we could know more about the character's history, or what exactly happened out there, the plot is amazing, wanted to see more of that

Great game, it's suspenseful and has a great atmosphere about it. Overall, solid 10/10. 


Awesome game! I loved the atmosphere and pressure in the second phase. Very clever 'tutorial' during first layer, with challange and stakes rising later. Cool twist at the end ;) It even worked no problem on ultra-wide screen, only title screen was a little cropped.

Very well done game! here is my gameplay 

I escaped. https://youtu.be/WKrVwNqOKMA

Well, it was nice, i guess work a drill maintenance very funny.
Thanks for game!

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