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Breaking free from a windowless dystopia with determination, a drill, and a lot of noise complaints!


i finally escaped

Very good game!

The Other Side Full Gameplay:

What a great game. A lot of work under pressure and looking over your shoulder when you are being timed. Game mechanics were engaging and the glimmer of hope at the end was a breath of fresh air that was short lived.
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Atmosphere is very strong. Premise of the game is pretty simple yet gripping till the end. There's a great sense of isolation and dread in a room with drilling machinery. 

Your levels of curiosity and anxiety will increase incrementally. Sound design is outstanding.

hi ,, do u want to make a collab ??

idk bout them, but i can. u do unity?

I'm constantly amazed by the level of polish in this game. it's clear that every aspect has been carefully crafted.


The world-building is phenomenal. I love discovering all the lore and history.


The level design is fantastic. each area feels unique and engaging.

The sound design is so immersive. I often find myself getting lost in the game's audio landscape.

This game has a great sense of exploration. with secrets and hidden areas to discover.

The voice acting is superb. really bringing the characters to life.

love the rusty ambience 

great game, made mz heart beat like crayz and my hands are shaking rn

I liked the idea of actually getting out instead of isolating yourself in the box, away from danger.

They say dont fear the unkown, but in this case, its better!
Its the second game in my video:

Really like your games Mike! :)

Care to tell what engine you use? Selfmade, Unity etc.?

The Other Side is the first game I played in your Unsorted Horror compilation, it was such a fun experience in general but The Other Side had me hooked! The ending was also a fun little twist on this horror experience.

Very cool ending for this horror story! It took time to open the door but it was worth it by the end:

Finally got to play this game and I THOROUGHLY enjoyed it. Also, Attack on Titan reference at the end?? 

good game

Hurry and drill

Muy buen juego, recomendable :) 

totally didnt break the drill at one point......


This game was a really fun experience, so overall I rate it a 8/10.


This is a very interesting game that I had a lot of dumb fun with (feel free to drop a sub if you want :) )

Great experience. I love the atmosphere and problem solving.

A fun little horror experience, worth the price of entry for sure.


Is a Linux version available for this? Buckshot Roulette had one, wondering if it uses the same engine.


Nice and some challenge ! In French :


played this in the unsorted horror collection your games are always so amazing i cant wait to play more


Game 1

What a great experience! the atmosphere had my skin crawling!


Incredible game! Great atmosphere and very tense climax. Love the creativity on all fronts, music was great, textures added to an overall theme that was perfectly executed.  


Such a tense gamne, constantly thought something was oging to appear behind me 


What a brilliant idea for a game! I was immediately sold on the backstory and the atmosphere and the urgency of maintaining the drill felt electric "pardon the pun"! Loved it Mike Klubnika! Another belter!


Creative game once again you surprise me with your game ideas, the story, and graphics are always great, very interesting, congratulations, keep it up


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