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Really good game! The intro music killed my earsXD But good game

payday 2 simulator

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i love how you put the player in one room; just one room and stress em to death. like fr. this game, control room alpha and for the entity. it's just the best <3.


Thanks! :)

Incredible concept, I love everything about this game
The story was very intriguing, felt like a short story that I would 100% read
Also loved how tense the final segment was, the timer and all the parts breaking really made it feel like a mad rush
I reviewed it here, really good stuff

What a cool video! Thanks a bunch for featuring the game. :)

Thanks so much for such a fun game! I really enjoyed it :)

Atmospheric and a well-done puzzle! Loved the story presented in the game, felt like being in the world of a vintage sci-fi novella.

Thanks :)

Enjoyable quick little game. Very tense and well timed final time limit.

Small bug report: on my 16:10 1920x1200 screen the fade to black doesn't cover the entire screen leaving small slivers at the top and bottom showing the old scene through.

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Praise! Praise! I really enjoyed it thoroughly, wonderfully escalative and loved the end. Well done! Inspiring! and the sound and oh so the music really added to the atmosphere! Fantastic!


super fun gameplay, i loved the ramping up of anxiety as the clock ticks down :)



Amazing game! I loved the story, and the gameplay was surprisingly fun for being so simple. The atmosphere was incredible, and I loved the ending. I'll definitely be checking out more of your games!


Made an account just to comment on this, and I have to say I'm very impressed. For something so short it beautifully established the limited systems and made clear the process for the actual game. Watching that timer tick down was tense, but fair with my only major complaint being how picky the coolant/fuel hatch was to put back down after lifting it.

Great little game though, minus the fact that it makes me wish there was something full length that was similar to this, as I adore the idea of it as a full game - horror or otherwise. Thank you for your work on this project, it was really cool. :)


Thanks for the kind comment. Really appreciate it :)

dope game kind of Definity should make more games 

Thank you :)

Very cool short game and idea! Keep it up :)



Time to get ManlyBadassHero to play this hidden hem

lmao this is so underated

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Thanks! He actually stumbled on it a day after it released.

Excellent brief experience that smartly and seamlessly combines the tutorial and actual gameplay. This short game demonstrates just how much can be accomplished with so little.

very very cool experience. one of the tensest things ive played in a while.

Thank you! :)


I had a lot of fun with this game. A really cool concept as well!


Glad you liked it! :)


a really great game with a cool concept, hope to see more of your games.


Great game, enjoyed it!!

Really glad you liked it! Thanks for making a video about it :)

short, 16 min experience, as devs said. An enjoyable one, too. Thanks for the bit of fun!

You're welcome! Glad you liked it.

Really interesting game! Congratulations.

Thank you!

Normally I'd open these reviews up with a cheesy, funny remark, but hands down I had a frickin blast playing your game! The concept alone drew me in, but the experience absolutely held me in. before getting through the first layer, I was mentioning in the video that I wished something would give me a sense of dread to push it even further. Then it happened XD

Amazing Work!

Thank you so much!


Great game.




Thank you :)

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This was so cool and SO intense!! I also played Infineural and both are fantastic! Thank you for making such great experiences :D

You're welcome :). Thanks for playing!

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This game is very well done. I love the concept and atmosphere it has.

I wanted to detail a few things I discovered, but it also does involve spoilers, so don't read this if you haven't played the game!

First, the note.

When you click on it, it says "This place isn't what it l-" and then says you can't read the rest, however if you look closely at it without clicking on it you can see it reads "This place isn't what it seems, go back!" Maybe it's a stock texture, or maybe originally it wasn't going to be unintelligible; either way, I think that's neat.

Second, the monster.

If you look into the files of the game, you will find that the model of the monster is actually split up into several pieces for it's legs and what not. However, if you look at the head part of the monster, you will find that it's name is "uploads_files_1961068_beholder_whole," which leads me to believe that the name of the monster is simply "Beholder." I thought that was neat too.

Last, the music.

There is, very surprisingly, a lot of interesting stuff about the music, especially when you look at it compared to the official release. One file is exactly the same as it is on the soundtrack aside from audio quality, that being Title Screen / Credits; the only thing of note is that it has the label "(MASTER)" at the end of it's name. Past that track is where things get interesting. Most of the other tracks didn't really have names, the track Escape Plan simply goes by "Gameplay - Main" and doesn't have a fade out effect, and the track Phase Two doesn't have a fade-in effect and goes by "Gameplay - Stage 3." Now you may be thinking, "Stage 3? Aren't there only 2 stages?," and you would be right. However, there is some unused music in the game that makes this name make sense, sort of. There are 2 tracks that go by "Gameplay - Stage 1/2," which are very clearly related to Stage 3 in that Stage 1 is just the percussion from Stage 3 and Stage 2 is just the bass from Stage 3. I have a theory that this means the music was meant to get more intense as you burned through your 5 minutes, but we may never know. The last interesting thing is the music for the ending, which is actually split into 2 parts. Part 1 is titled "Seren Exit (MASTER)" (which is part of the name on the official release), while part 2 is named "Monster Reveal (MASTER)." There isn't a ton different about it except, if you stitch them both together, it's a couple seconds longer than the official release since there are a few seconds of silence at the end of Seren Exit.

Mr. Klubnika, I am very, very sorry if you don't appreciate people looking through the files of your game. I truly do love this game you've created and only did it out of curiosity, not out of malice, so I hope you can understand. Maybe you could even shed some light on these things!

Also... thanks for reading all this, I realize now it's quite a bit.


Haha I loved that. That was a fun read, and you found stuff that people haven't yet (someone mentioned the Beholder model earlier, in a video) there are a few more secrets and jokes though that aren't really visible in game, that I don't think you found.

And you are completely right about the separate stages of the music. It was supposed to be that each time the drill breaks and gets fixed, another music stage comes in until you beat the game. Sort of getting more intense.

Well, I'll keep searching!

This was a lot of Fun!

Thank you! :)


what is the "59HG" 

Not sure what you mean


This was one of the best experiences I ever had. The uniqueness and feeling of the game is awesome! 


Thanks a lot!

Man, this was a good game! I really enjoyed watching playthroughs of this game, and I have to say the atmosphere and ambience was nailed perfectly. I do have a question though, if you don’t mind my asking: What did you use to make the game?? I mean it seems like a Unity game but that may not be right, I’m just curious if this was hard-coded in a language like C++ or something or if you used an engine to make this game. Thanks for the fun experience though!

Thanks, I used Unity to make the game :)

Oh thanks for the reply! I suspected it was a Unity game, lol. Thanks again!

El juego se disfruta mucho, encaja a la perfección en la tematica de puzzles, un poco complicado de entender que es lo que tienes que hacer al principio pero cuando lo descubres se vuelve muy satidfactorio el completarlo,una buena opcion para jugar en algun rato libre, lastima que se sienta corto al final cuando te acostumbras a los controles, pero definitivamente un juego entretenido.

Bruh, I tried so hard to remain calm but I couldn't help but PANIC😂😂 I've played your most recent game and I loved it so much that I HAD to play another one of your game. Here's my reaction to this game if ya nosey and want to see me panic😂 

Thanks for playing :D

Loved it a lot, the tension by the end was crazy and the final moments are just perfection. Amazing soundtrack and intense gameplay. 10/10

Thank you so much! :)

great game 10/10 amazing soundtrack and great gameplay

Thank you :)

What a beautiful game. I honestly don't have that much to say about it because there's not really anything to criticize.

I know it's based on a book but the way you implemented it into a game is very creative and I love the atmosphere (thanks to the great soundtrack as well.)

Figuring out what to do was engaging and never frustrating and I love how half of the game is basically a tutorial for the last stressful challenge.

In a market saturated with mediocrity this really stands out as a gem. I haven't played any games from you so far but this one really makes me want to check out your other works.

What Book is it based on?

it says in the credits, Wool Omnibus

Thank you for the kind words, that really means a lot :)

I adore this game! The atmosphere inside the workshop is suffocating and grimey. You can almost smell the rust and copper. It's literally perfect

Thank you so much! :)

very cool!! the pacing is literally perfect: first round of learning all mechanics, then another but you use all the knowledge you attained earlier while panicking and in a rush,,,

i knew the ending wasn't going to be as simple as walking outside and was waiting for an open ending that's neither good nor bad or a plot development or something like that, but the jumpscare an the creature at the end legit sent me into horror

also love the style and ambiance

great game, great experience :D

Thanks, really appreciate that! Glad you liked it :)

awesome game and i am definitively looking forward to more from you

Thank you :)

this game is like a hidden treasure. the atmosphere was phenomenal and the puzzles were very engaging. i especially enjoyed the sequence at the end; the music was very atmospheric. 

Thanks a lot!

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