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UNSORTED HORROR is a collection of 5 short first-person horror games, that revolve around detailed machinery in a dark dystopian setting. The majority of the games have a playtime of roughly 10-15 minutes and can be played through in one sitting. Choose a CD case, read the backside, and go on a small adventure.


1. Tartarus Engine - A group of plucky technicians exploit an ancient machine's seemingly untapped vulnerability.
2. The Other Side - Operate a jury-rigged drill to secretly escape a corrupt bunker. 
3. Control Room Alpha - Pull data from a nest of spiders.
4. Carbon Steel - Perform hazardous research in an abandoned facility.
5. Concrete Tremor - A game revolving around plastic explosives and soviet apartment buildings.


The majority of the content in the collection is comprised of previously released games, that some players may already be familiar with. "Tartarus Engine" was developed as an exclusive for the collection, with the main goal of the collection being a Steam release of some of my better-received experiments, bundled into a neat little launcher.

I hope you enjoy the new game "Tartarus Engine", and thank you for playing.

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(43 total ratings)
AuthorMike Klubnika
GenrePuzzle, Simulation
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Creepy, First-Person, Horror, Retro, Short, Singleplayer


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I really love your work, especially the part where I'm pressured to to a task. Even without shty jumpscares you create games that even I pauses for a moment to think about everything happening in my life

amazing game. i really liked it

Even though Control Room Alpha is a bit short, it definitely delivers in the short time!
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Played the second one! Definitely going to be playing all of them. Really love the dystopian vibe it's got going on! I saw in another comment that you're working on a fully fledged title so I will definitely be on the lookout for that! Great work :).

You nail the dystopian atmosphere so hard. Never has battleship fucked me up that much lmao

played your game on steam, loved it so much I just immediatly found your itch.io page and had to tip you. Loved it, great experiences all around. 

If this is the quality you deliver for free products, I'm dying to see what you'll do if you ever release something with an actual price tag

Thanks so much! Greatly appreciate the support.

Currently working on a full fledged title. Won't be too expensive. If you liked Unsorted Horror I'm sure you'll like it too, so stayed tuned for that :) 

Never heard of this game, thank you so much for creating these games!! I just played through The Other Side! it was an amazing experience! thank you again! 


I'd played "The Other Side" before, so I was stoked to try the other 4 out. Love the style, and I hate you for the spider part lmao. [Pt. 1]

Thev other side was suprisingly stressful!

PART 2 really enjoyed it but scared the hell outta me 

A really fun experience, as we've come to expect from you.

Game singkat yang bagus, ada unsur ketegangan. mungkin bagus jika dijelaskan apa yang sedang terjadi.

Streamed every game back to back recently, incredible work! really enjoyed the games and the way there is no instructions yet it's clear what to do... well done. Fantastic set of games.

Cannot install, it says "cannot read property "build" undefined

Tartarus Engine is very nice but kinda simple. Making it a little but more complex like Carbon Steel would be cool. Still very good tho!

I think that Tartarus Engine and Carbon Steel were the best ones.(That does not mean that the other games are bad)

I like how all games are terrifying but not scary in a way that makes you alt f4 and punch your screen as soon as something happens.

As a big Verbatim fan myself I love the reference to Verbatim CDs! Yes, I'm a fan of Verbatim, mind your own business.

Honestly Verbatim has the prettiest looking CDs out there.

Aw yeah also they make all sorts of CDs, have you seen their digital vinyls? They've duct-taped a vinyl-looking surface to a CD, it's genius I love it, I have 10 of them on my desk, still in-box, only one currently opened, the other 9 are sealed

Woahh that's cool.


Just played the first game of the collection, and I have to say it looks really cool! The selection page is awesome and give a lot of ps1 vibes. I missed only a proper death scene on TheOther Side when I failed the time table. And found a bug that stopped me from finishing it the first time. Great job here! :)

I can't download, please fix this

These games are AMAZING!! Haven't played any of them before and loved playing them back to back. Five games packaged into one is a great idea. You have a new fan Mike! 10/10 great stuff 馃憦

I only played Tartarus Engine so far, but I'm really impressed with this. I'm definitely looking forward to more. Here's a video I made for anyone interested.

this guy really loves spooky control rooms eh? yeah turns out it works, these were all pretty good times. kinda wish the newer ones used a different text to speech or had voicework cause it's the same one used in faith and I kept thinking "mortis" the whole time lol.

Control Room Alpha was short but great game loved it I made a video if your interested

This collection seems to be really good so far. I have only played Tartarus Engine as of now but I plan to make a series on all the games. I made a video if you're interested.

so far only played "the other side" but so far I like this 

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so glad I got to play all of these together, this was an amazing collection that followed a theme, cant wait to see what you do next!

Also your animation work is top tier

Full Play NO Commentary - 5 games w timestamp

Hey thanks! Appreciate it :)

I love it A good collection of horror games 

Excellent game!!

Awesome games, I played Concrete Tremor and The Other Side. I didn't have time to play more, but I like how interactive they are, yet also somewhat story-based. Good work!

Hi there, I am DragonExplosion and I am a Youtuber. If you like my videos, please leave a like and subscribe at my channel.

I was surprised that the creator decided to compile 5 of his amazing horror games into a collection on its own as I have actually played one of his games before which was "Control Room Alpha". Having not played horror games for a long period of time, the Unsorted Horror collection was something that I was looking forward to when I found some time to start making videos on horror games again.

My general comments about all 5 games is that I enjoyed the retro and metallic horror games that really made use of a lot of metallic, rusty type of texture for most of the games. The texture chosen really created a creepy and unnerving mood and atmosphere for the games that made use of the texture. Moreover, all 5 games had a special and different storyline that really shows the amount of thought and effort the creator put into each game. Furthermore, the music for each game was amazing and it enhanced the entire vibes that the game gives out. Lastly, I liked that the creator also takes into consideration of the amount of time that should be given to players to get used to the game mechanics for the games that involve various different steps so that the player doesn't end up getting frustrated if they are unable to figure out how to use the devices. Having ample time is essential before the player reaches parts that require them to act fast and furious.

For "The Other Side", I liked how it made use of the strong desire of the protagonist wanting to get out of the facility as the main drive and fear factor when time is running out. The game definitely made me anxious as time started slipping away while I tried my best to drill out of the facility. The ending was definitely quite funny and devastating for the protagonist as well. 

For "Control Room Alpha" being a short horror game, it made used of little jumpscares and making the player feel anxious when a sudden horrific event requires them to walk through the dangerous spider area. The game did not go the conventional route where the ending of the game was slightly different then what most normal horror games would probably have executed it. 

For "Carbon Steel", Carbon Steel was actually my favourite out of the 5 games as it has a pretty interesting introduction at the start where the protagonist is presumably passing documents to someone who is within a giant metal structure while standing alone in the middle of nowhere without anyone else present in the narrow queue. Moreover, the strange train ride with a silent and unnerving atmosphere was excellent to enhance the mood and atmosphere of the game before the protagonist enters his jail-like workplace. Carbon Steel definitely required the player to adapt to the new game environment and figure out the various game mechanics in order to complete the game. I enjoyed getting annoyed at myself while trying to figure out the game mechanics and happy that I managed to clear the game as well. Carbon Steel was able to capture my attention with each new addition in terms of difficulty and the constant pressure of having to finish the task as fast as possible through the various loud noises made by the SCP in the cage that added on to the stress.

For "Concrete Tremor", the game was quite unique in terms of its concept where it went from an ordinary resident of the building that decided to check out the roof to an entire battleship war between 2 individuals. It is definitely a very unique concept and losing the battleship definitely annoyed me XD. However, the ending for the game was what I would expect from such a cold and disturbing world. 

For the newest game, "Tartarus Engine", it was a game that had more interactions with people and was more focused on telling the story compared to the other games. The transitioning from being in a metallic lift that appears to run underground to having to share a lift with a superior that suspects them for partaking in suspicious activity to having to enter a large and majestic metallic area to install the overwriting system within a certain time limit before getting stuck in a never-ending cycle of continuous pain and torture was definitely pretty interesting and horrifying at the same time. This game also requires the player to understand the various functions of the tools being made available to execute the overwriting task within the time limit before reaching the ending of the game. 

I felt that "Tartarus Engine" was a little lacking in gameplay where all the player had to do was to install the overwriting system during the stipulated time while the rest of the time, the player is watching and listening to the story playing out by itself. It would be cool if there was more things to do in the game like maybe more things to do in the ending sequence etc. However, I really loved the design of the facility as it looks really majestic and out of the world. It was stunning and I was constantly looking at the area due to how cool it was.

Thank you for reading my comment. I really liked the unique style in the games and will be looking forward to the next game in the future.

great game! In the beginning I felt like is this even horror but then the game started to weird me out and even made me speechless sometimes. I really enjoyed your games! Very smart to put it all in one game!! 
Keep up the good work!

Great Compilation, i liked the Games, but i was already sold, when i navigated the Menu. You have a great grasp on the aesthetic and a coherent art style. I didn't like the robot voices, they are "fitting" but maybe a little less distorted or otherwise filtered would be less distracting.

Hope to see more, great work!

Tartarus Engine very very good and my bad for thinking the potatoes were doo doo

I played "The Other Side" and it was a lot of fun. I look forward to making videos on the other 4 games!

5 great games in 1 pack is very nice. 4 of them I played some time ago. This time I played Tartarus Engine, love the story/idea of the game. Amazing ending ;)

This game is fire also has more stories too this should definitely should be something you pay for but I'm not complaining

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"I feel strongly that Unsorted Horror is worth paying for, and it almost feels slimy that I was given the opportunity to play all five titles for free. There are hundreds of free horror games online that you can play, but Unsorted Horror rises above the masses to provide a series of unmatchable and disturbing experiences" 

-Excerpt from my full review on my blog! 

Another banger! Pretty cool concept and the ending wa top notch. Keep up the good work

Good Game

I love the game collection inside a game concept. Had fun, altough my potato laptop was fighting for its life.

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