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Creepy Atmosphere. Great Game.

Wonderful work!

Thank you :)

really cool game, the lore has a lot of potential to go deep! 

That was insane I liked it very differently it did a great job, it was something very different from playing very crazy I enjoyed I liked it great work

Gameplay PT-BR

A really clever way of turning Battleship into a horror game, reminds me of Stories Untold in a way. I can only assume the prologue is about the tenants realizing they’re collateral damage. Strong stuff, doesn’t overstay its welcome and respects your intelligence.

I'm at a loss for words (drop a sub if you like)

Way to go man, im loving your games.

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Hey man thanks for playing the games. Appreciate the kind words :)

I know the game has only one ending, but I repeated it many times to win the game still 10/10 even when I expected a different end🤣

Short game, a tad bit dark, but I had fun with it!

Gamenya bagus aku sangat ingin memenangkan gamenya

This game was just... wow

pretty interesting idea for a game love the art style and everything 

i live in a soviet flat so i can relate

I enjoyed this game even though it was sad, I really think it would be cool if there was a strategy to winning.


It took me so long to figure out what i was doing .. But man oh man when i figured it out, this was fantastic. Such an interesting concept that could be a be turned into a movie. Awesome stuff Mike !

I made a video on your game if you're interested :)

Such a sinister game! Love it!

love your all game

well the game looks fun, i downloaded it but my computer wont let me play it cuz it detect it as a virus or sm--

you can probably click something that says read more/show more/more info and itll give you a run anyways button

Wow, a very dark dystopian take on Battleships! A very unique concept and it was well made. This is my video of it, please take a look.

Awesome dystopian world as usual!  I love your games :)

A very interesting game, I enjoyed it.

Fantastic as always

I didn't expect this at all when I played, but this was such a good experience! So twisted! Great job! 

A really good game for my 3 chilly games series its really

This is a very interesting game!! both the winning and losing perspectives were so insane and heartbreaking, this game is super dystopian, but it feels like a good commentary on soviet russia.

Very unique premise for a short, dystopian horror; the bleak grey atmosphere was great and the visuals meshed with it perfectly. Didn't realise at first that I was essentially playing a more high-stakes version of Battleship!



The dystopian atmosphere is amazing and I loved the graphics. Definitely the darkest game of battleship I've ever played

so I got a good ending... and it's interesting. (maybe was hopping for a bit more ^^)

I didn't expect this at all when I played, but this was such a good experience! So twisted! Great job! 

After having gotten both endings (losing and winning), I just wanted to say I love this game. I loved the atmosphere that was present throughout the entire game, and I loved the game concept. Whether I won or lost, the endings were both great, with a really good winning ending. I love your games, and I think this one ties for my favorite with Carbon Steel. It was unlike most other games I have played before. The atmosphere and feelings it gave me reminded me a little bit of Inscryption, particularly Act 1, and Inscryption is one of my favorite games.

Thank you so much for providing us with this experience.



If you could point out that it's a Unity game I wouldn't waste time and generate unnecessary traffic.

I Forgot to record game audio D:

This game is messed up!!!  Not what I expected AT ALL!  Thanks for making us another awesome game!

very interesting concept! nice mechanics and the finale very martin scorsese hhahaha well done doing this! 

this game was DARK omg. i haven't played any psychological horror games yet, but this would easily make my top faves. thanks a bunch!!

Finally a worthy opponent.

i like this game

the idea is cool and creepy at the same time. Loved it ^^ 
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