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Here's my playthrough, incredible atmosphere. No game has ever made me feel guilty... especially THIS guilty 

I'm not very good at this battleship-style game, but a second playthrough helped me overcome the challenges. It was still a cool experience with an interesting story.


Love the fun comments the characters make in the beggining. The game mechanics  felt familiar (battleship) and that made it even more exciting. Making correct hits results in a phone call, which gives a clue where to aim to next. I like dark games like these with a familiar yet diffent vibe/concept.

Powerful concept and a very cinematic approach. War environment was perfectly depicted, a game of battleships was carefully implemented and sound design was on a high level, once again. Totally unique experience.

Those concrete walls are menacing.

this is a very interesting game idea, good work! 

I finally beat it! And when I did, I was like "Oh Come ON!!" I even checked all the doors on all the levels just to make sure I wasn't missing a hidden secret somewhere. I tried jumping off the building (no jumping) Cool Game!

Game 4

I can't believe the ending! So well done!


So, this game is different. I liked the atmosphere, and apparently I'll always suck at battleship lmao

I just have 2 qualms about it really:

1: There is no TW about the suicide at the end

2: The 2 endings differ very little. A phone call where you are either called a winner or a loser. Then you shooting yourself in the head.

(I suck at battle ship, so i went scoping the comment section for what happens if you win lmao)

That's the point bru

This is the most depressing game of battleships I've ever played, god I felt horrible by the end. Couldn't even bring myself to replay so I can try to win. Everything about this was so oppressive, absolutely brilliant work. 

hey friends! hope you enjoy the video as much as enjoyed the game

or it wasn't supposed to?

it shouldent but if it does just click see more and then a button should pop up and you can click it and the game will work

is it normal for it to trigger the Microsoft security?

I honestly had a lot of fun with this game. It went in a totally different direction that I thought it would but brought some interesting thoughts throughout the experience! 


That was... unnerving.

This was one hell of an experience, despite me having taken far too long to remember how to play ''Battleship''. Really fascinating setting, it's not what I expected this to be. Definitely not your typical horror game, this one is more of an ''absolutely messed up'' setting, it's incredibly effective at being disturbing. Cool visual style too, I quite enjoyed it. It's the first game on my video and I definitely recommend playing this game!

Not so much "horror" in the typical sense, but much more like a dystopian art project about the horror and relentlessness of war, but still quite at effective at doing it's job of being psychologically unsettling and disturbing as all hell. Not going to spoil it for those who haven't played it, but there's one moment in this, that, if it doesn't disturb the absolute bejesus out of you, then either you're a psychopath or you're already dead. Very good addition to this collection.

Much better than 99% of the "horror games" I see on here. Nice work!

An interesting concept!

typical not scary pseudophilosophical "horror"

lowpoly graphics because dev don't have skill for hi-poly

gray filter to mask the squalor of the picture

khruschev's houses because dev read samosbor

How about you sugg mu balls :)

How can you not comprehend that different art-styles appeal to different people? Visual fidelity is an aesthetic choice, not just a technical one.

Boy oh boy, I don't know how to say this.
The game gave me very mixed feelings. The concept is very unique, the dystopian atmosphere is wonderful, though it feels more like an art project. 

And as an art project it kind of flew right past me. It felt like the author wanted to make a statement about wars, but in that regard, realization came out extremely vague and for me raised more questions than answered. 

  • If there had been a real round of battleship, I think it would have been a good game, but alas it is not. 
  • If there had been a bit more depth and answers expressing the author's position, this would have been a great art project.

So, I enjoyed it while I was playing through the game, but at the end I was pretty frustrated. Hence the mixed feelings. But overall, I rather liked it than not.

I wish Mike the best of luck in developing the next games, especially after the attention he got from Buckshot Roulette.

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A bit spoiler alert: 
Also, can't halp but notice that "enemy ships" is basically yours but turned by 90 degrees :D

Simple, yet emotional

I loved the atmosphere. Despite it being a pretty simple game, it felt much deeper. Can you tell me what engine you used in making it?

Thank you! This one was made in Unity.

Pretty neat take on Battleship. At first, I thought it was going to be an either creepy or depressing walking simulator, but it quickly changed. It gave me some post-war vibes, with the setting maybe taking place in either Russia or China. Very cool concept and execution! 

Glad you liked it. This game's overall atmosphere was very much inspired by the relentless nature of military organizations!

I noticed that on a repeat playthrough. It seems that the walls are there to sort of symbolize one Country and the other. I assume the operators giving the directions to bomb the opponents' buildings (Country) are the Presidents or Dictators of this world. It would make sense, they seem to not really give a damn about the lives lost (even the helicopter in the opening states that everyone dies in the end), rather, they only care about winning and losing (the war). I think this is further backed since if you lose the game, the operator you're playing commits suicide, but only perhaps out of losing and not because of the deaths. This sort of relates to war, most countries Dictator doesn't seem to really care about how many people are killed, on either side, but if they win or lose ultimately. Maybe I'm looking too deep into your game, but it's nice to theorize I suppose. Again, great game! 

Yeah part of the helicopter sequence is related to that. But really (and this is getting very semi-philosophical), it sort of tries to dig deep into the relentless effort that goes into starting a war in the first place. All of the apartment buildings are perfectly aligned in the grid, and nobody attempts to stop the game in any manner.

You can imagine the initial construction that took place before the game even started. Mountains of concrete and rebar trucked on to site and constructed into buildings, while nobody stopped to think or even protest to whether or not it is worth it.

This is a very artsy game compared to releases like 'Carbon Steel' or 'Buckshot Roulette' in the sense that the core gameplay is just a means to an end. It's really more of an experience, so I really appreciate your analysis!

Oh yeah that's another great way of looking at it! I'm happy that this game is more artsy I'll be honest, while I have more fun playing Buckshot Roulette (Mike, that game is fan-fucking-tastic, and I'm so happy it is doing so well, honestly one of my favorite games!), this game seems more like art to me then a game. It's just so depressing to play, but it's good that it tries to imply the meaninglessness of war, that these people are just paws on a chessboard.  Thank you for reading my analysis by the way! I can't wait to play more of your games! I only played this and Buckshot Roulette so far, but I for sure will play your other games as well! Thank you for creating these amazing games, Mike, and for getting me into Itch Io, so many creative, unique, and amazing games on here. 

fantastic game...that i just so happen to suck at lol i can tell theres a dark undertone here.

I'm almost finished the Unsorted Horror collection, and I have quite enjoyed every single game in the series. Not only have a I really enjoyed playing these games but I am also overwhelmingly happy with how they have been doing on my channel. Thanks so much Mike for making these games!!!

how many endings?

2 probs, I been playing this for last 2 hours, drew myself the map and won with it, but despite, nothing really changed.

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win and loose?




this tbh

This game is just amazing. So simple yet so good. I highly recommend playing it. One of the best made games ive played in a while. Keep up the good work.

Sea Fight has reached a new level ._.

your games never fail to surprise me. good job man

The most high stakes game of battleship I have ever played and a fun game to play by the creator!

really liked it

ты русский?

я да

ааа руские на итче 😲😲😲😲

Deleted post

love the game, very fun, but why does he hit 5 every damn time except the second time. like i get that its hard but i cant win dawg lol.

i think its made so its impossible to win

that would make sense lol

no its possible, after 2 hrs of playing I won

what happens when you win?

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Ending remains the same. Phone call(voice says winner, instead of looser), revolver, headshot. This is the solution, by the way 

yeah wouldve shot myself too ngl

Creepy Atmosphere. Great Game.

Wonderful work!

Thank you :)

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