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Note: The itch.io version does not feature an online leaderboard compared to the Steam release.
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BUCKSHOT ROULETTE is a tabletop horror game that attempts to re-design the infamous game of Russian Roulette, replacing the traditional revolver with a proper 12-gauge pump-action shotgun. This extra firepower, and more importantly the different mechanics in handling a shotgun compared to a revolver, offers a fresh take on the classic and deadly game of chance.

The game takes place at the top of an underground nightclub, where the metal railings tremble to the pulse of long lost drum machines. A crooked AI dealer is waiting for you. Will you meet them?


- 15 to 20 minute playthrough.
- Immersive & grounded tabletop gameplay, featuring diegetic systems and minimal UI.
- Unscripted rounds that offer unpredictable yet controllable outcomes, with a fair amount of replay value.
- A ruthless yet fair AI, that makes decisions based on what's on the table, rather than under it.


- Relatively modern dedicated graphics card (Vulkan support required)
- Windows or Linux (will not work on MacOS)

Copyright 2023 Mike Klubnika.
This item is not authorized for posting on Steam,
except under the Steam account named critical_reflex.

PlatformsWindows, Linux
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(2,405 total ratings)
AuthorMike Klubnika
GenreAction, Strategy
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Creepy, First-Person, Horror, Retro, Short, Singleplayer


Buy Now$2.99 USD or more

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can I get a steam copy free I already owned this game before it went to steam

симулятор рони мкнатта

Si tengo el juego en itch.io, no lo puedo reclamar en steam verdad? pagarlo dos veces me resulta demaciado jajaj

an INTENSE game 

It needs local multiplayer

Deleted 7 hours ago


its a game idiot it doesnt need to be realistic

Deleted 7 hours ago

Your an idiot and your expectations for a loving father are not realistic. (If you even get one)

I like it


Do I have to buy the game again on Steam if I already bought it on itch.io?




Just play it on itch.io... it makes no sense buying it twice

i loved the game, very simple concept yet so entertaining


Yō, I got this when I don't have an account how do I get it again without paying for it please


hey mate. I get the game before you release on steam, on this site. how can I play it on steam also? do I need to purchase it again or what?

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There is a button that says "Add a game" in your steam library. click that and click non steam game, then just pick this game.


Its different dude. I dont meant that

Oh, sorry my bad.





Hello my friend, how can I get the game for free in order to publish it on social media? I do not have the money to buy the game


Not how it works, mate

Deleted 10 hours ago

☠️ LMFAO!!

I wan



This is an amazing game. I love how you have to calculate the odds


its not as easy as "oh duh just give itch.io buyers the steam keys". devs are limited on the steam keys they can give out (best case scenario is 5000 keys no questions asked, but would likely be less for a small indie dev with only one other [free] game on steam), and anything after that needs to be paid for out of pocket or approved by steam. a bare minimum estimate for how many itch.io buyers there are would be 100k, which is an insane amount of keys to be given out even across an entire games lifespan, let alone any time soon. if you care so much, spend the extra pocket change on a steam copy. if you arent willing to do that, then you dont care enough to deserve a steam key regardless.


Yeah but he could give us a special treat in the game, there is no need to give us a key but something like special nickname in scoreboard if we paid for the game here


any way to get the steam version for free if we puchased the itch.io version? seems kinda unfair to leave the OG supporters out

(2 edits)

It's not about leaving OG supporters out. Steam keys can be detrimental to the dev and if they cannot pay to continue development on a game, they will abandon it. The game is $6 dollars ($4.20 if you bought the itch version prior to the steam release) if you pay for both versions, which is more than enough for a small game like this that is still in development.



Avoid buying, the dev doesn't give steam keys for those who supported the game early on on steam


it's 3 bucks calm your tits


This was never a promise on the original game release + you got your copy on itch?

And if you cannot afford $3, then you probably couldn't afford the $1.20 for this as well. just sayin

Boo hoo, you can still play and access the game on itch, you don't need a steam key, play on your version here or suck it up and pay for the steam version.

Go voir la vidéo ! 

Signing my life away...




For such a simple concept, I really enjoyed playing this. The droned-out club music mixed with a super gritty art style was really well done. This was a great (and creepy) Russian Roulette sim. I had a great time editing this playthrough!

I realy liked the game, but not giving owners on here a steam key is fucking low. I gues this is what i get for chosing paying over piracy.

I would never have bought the game here if i knew it would be comming to steam later. Fuck this.


My guy... It's literally $3.... Do you seriously not work a job??

And if your reply is "No" or "I'm a kid", then you should 1) Get a Job or 2) Wait til you're older, kid.


This. If you can't pay $3 then I don't know how you could afford $1.20 for the Itch release.

Also giving out Steam keys was never a promise for early supporters, so the entitlement to a Steam key is based on nothing.

Just pay the $3 and stop complaining lmfao


true it was never promised, but there also was never a steam release promised in the first place.

Cant promise keys if you didnt even plan on doing steam.

Sure there is no legal obligation to provide keys to early supporters, but i think there is a social one.

It was never about the money.

Its about not being valued as an early supporter.

If it was never stated that they'd get a steam key for being an early supporter, then y'all really need to let it go. But if they said they'd give steam keys for being one, but didn't, y'all have a right to be angry.

Devs require money to continue development, especially as their game continues gaining traction. Giving out steam keys would have been detrimental to the dev, as the game gained traction VERY quickly before its steam release. Blame the content creators, not the dev.



it's been out for months for God sake make it free or at least lower the price


its 3 dollars bruh, support indie devs


This comment is the textbook example of "You can't please everyone"

(1 edit) (+7)(-2)

I've seen someone say it's worth more than itch io and steam price combined. True. I've purchased it 2 days after release for $1.20, buying the steam for $3 would be still worth it, BUT I payed for it barely after it came out and they move to steam and leave itch io supporters for good, like we were just getting the beta. We get updates now a lot later than steam, we won't have multiplayer in the future. Like wtf dude, I didn't pay for you to leave me hanging so you could bring updates to people that bought it later(and mostly for a bit more, but yeah), it's like steam version is a DLC for us in an INDIE GAME. Idk. Game is still as good as it gets, but man dropping a steam key wouldn't hurt your ego.


DO NOT BUY!! The game is on steam and the dev does not care about those who have originally supported his game and wants to milk his fans for all their money. shitty design and robs those who had originally supported.


Make available for mac please?



игра прикольная, но не особо жуткая. Сама задумка очень классная и интересная, необычная. Советую!




i paid money for this here before it came to steam, its the same price on both sites, i should get all the features people who buy it on steam get, its just common sense.


i have the same problem will i have to buy the game again or what


yes you should! and in fact, you do.


shitty design. those who supported first should be able to experience new content without having to pay again

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