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"Unsorted VHS" is an atmospheric puzzle horror game. Sort through a box of miscellaneous VHS tapes. Retrace your steps and figure out how you got here. Everything is interlinked, don't you remember?


- 5 unique VHS tapes.
- Hands on tactile approach to found footage horror.
- Narrative with an emphasis on details & visual storytelling.
- Modern retro aesthetic.


WASD - Movement
SPACE - Menu Selection
E - Interact
F - Inspect Tape
G - Eject Tape

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(77 total ratings)
AuthorMike Klubnika
GenrePuzzle, Simulation
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Creepy, First-Person, Horror, Retro, Short, Singleplayer


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

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I really enjoyed it! Didn't know what was gonna happen and loved it. Check out my video @ nostromo_gaming: 


What are some free games like this? I would play this but I don't even have one dollar in my cash app right now, lol.


Mike Klubnika also made unsorted horror which is free

Brilliant anthology of short horror games. A real predecessor to "Unsorted Horror", that came one year later. Absolutely love how every separate tape / game ties into one story - very creative approach to make it all work as one. Would love to see more of this type.

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Привет, извиняюсь, что на русском, но моя практика по английскому давно закончилась и максимум что я могу сказать, так это <<London is the capital of Great Britain>>, но вроде бы в Эстонии знакомы с русским языком. Так вот, наткнулся на твои игры. Прошёл на Unsorted Horror, поиграл в рулетку, из unsorted мне понравилась задумка с вечным заточением в симуляции, постоянно о ней думаю. И вот я наткнулся благодаря видео о тебе, что у тебя есть и Unsorted VHS. Я бы мог её спиратить, но не хочу, хочу именно купить, поддержать автора и поиграть в неё честно, но... В связи с одной трагедией 2022 года, международные транзакции в России отключены, конкретнее - SWIFT. Я попытался использовать все свои возможные карты, даже подключил те, которые были оформлены до трагедии 24 февраля. Но нет. Купить никак не получается. Хотелось бы уточнить, возможно ли как-нибудь эту игру получить другим способом? Способом, где автор будет материально вознаграждён, деньгами или иным способом. Я был бы очень рад, если бы ответ был положительным. Если что, связь в TG: @magyaruss, если вдруг будет способ оплаты, который должен обсуждаться не на публике.

У него есть еще одна игра на Steam, называется "Buckshot Roulette", если вы действительно хотите поддержать, вы можете приобрести ее.

Parabéns, que jogo incrível! recomendo demais

hi ,, do u ant to make a collab ??

Really great game, jumpscares got me good and the atmosphere was great.

Bro, this is one of the best games i played in a while, congratulations!!! It's so good and the puzzle behind it is so genius. I loved to solve it

absolutely stunnishing, amazing game. 11/10

10 days later and i still don't know what's happening

Anyone else not able to even start the game? I clicked every button possible and it won't let me start. Only lets me use WASD to move up and down

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Spectre foundation/Command&Conquer's GDI multiverse? :)


Прохождение на русском:

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great game


Great game, I loved the SCP vibe, reminded me a lot of Gemini Home Entertainment and The Mandela Catalogue. The mystery aspect was really good, and I was very tense throughout most of the game. 



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good work bro


Absolute BANGER!

Very Good Game!

I really enjoyed this game it was great imo not as great as your others but still awesome.

great game, good work mike

I enjoyed it. Got a jumpscare out of me too.

Deleted post

I liked it, but I couldn't help but feel that more could've been done with the concept.


Awsome concept, it has blow my mind. You've really done a very good work, congratulations!

I definitely enjoyed this game and it was FREAKY.I loved the approach of puzzling different parts of the story together through the different tapes. Hope you guys have fun watching this 😊

another banger! this was incredible (: each tape had a really solid atmosphere, kudos!


Don't get lost in the Unsorted VHS tapes!!


Nicely done!


Hey, you did a great job on this one! 5/5!

I did a video on my channel (Spanish). Hope you like it!

hola buenas he visto que este juego tiene buena pinta pero no me lo puedo permitir y me estoy muriendo por dentro por no poderlo jugar


Great game, I can’t get enough of this visual style.


cannot wait to get this!!


email me, I’ll get it for you. 

Deleted 128 days ago
Deleted 128 days ago

i just sent you a email


Deleted 128 days ago

I̷ ̷h̷a̷v̷e̷ ̷n̷o̷  ̷w̷o̷r̷d̷s̷


Another solid game by Mike Klubnika that has solid atmosphere, great story writing and a phenomenal ending!


Awesome game :) 

Yo. is that the GDI logo. Nice

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It must be GDI.

i want an unsorted VHS

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