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No way bro used the GDI emblem from Command and Conquer


I played Unsorted Horror on Steam, then downloaded this cause I need more of your brand of horror. Please keep making games. We need more creatives like you to continue creeping out us horror fans. <3


Thank you :)

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That was amazing!
Your games is something. This atmosphere, this vibe. This rusty, viscous feeling... I don't have words to describe... I love it.
I'm waiting for new releases.

Thanks so much! :)

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you should definitely port it to steam like unsorted horror !

One of my new favorites!  A bit later than others getting to play it, but glad I did.  Btw, any new tips about that secret that one guy discovered?  Very interested in that.


I'm glad you liked it. Thanks a lot for covering the game! I made a tweet about the secret a while back :)

wow I totally forgot this came out, and it was as good as I expected! Thanks for making awesome games 

Full Play NO Commentary 

Thank you! :)


An absolutely magnificent game, truly awesome.  The idea of using the content of the VHS tapes as clues/puzzle pieces is genius. 

Thank you this was great

Thanks for playing!

I'll give this a go but... Command and Conquer GDI symbol on the side of the box xD

This was really really fantastic and original. I will play it a few more times because I want more of the experience. 9\10 !!!!!!


too bad i don't have the monies💀

I hope this goes from concept to implementation on a future game!  Great!!

Thanks :)

Absolutely. 😄

That was sooo nice,really liked the concept,the atmosphere and the ending as well..such a good job!!

Thanks a lot! :)

This was high key spooky for sure lmao

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At the end of the game there's a message: 

"thank you for playing"

Well Mike, THANK YOU for this incredible, fun, eerie, authentic game!

Wonderful job!

You're welcome! :)

Really loved the way the tapes changed as you interacted with them. Hell of a job, man.

Amazing story, great 
amazing story, great job. Scared me good twice. 


I'm so happy I found this after having played ''The other side''. I almost didn't buy this because it looked too scary for me. 

Having played more than 30 horror games on here, this is the best one I've played so far. 

I thought about this game for a week straight after I played it. I love the world you've created here. It left me wanting more. I just really, really wish there was more. 

The school: A really uneasy and surreal experience going through a VERY dark presumably closed school as the bells are going off. I felt dread the closer and closer i got to the intended locker.

The shed shadow man: Truly an excellent and unexpected jumpscare.Having it not appear the first time you arrive only to scare you once you've grown accustomed and used to the location. I really wasn't expecting it.

The body scanner beep scare: I realized immedietly after i went through it that another beep would follow, i just knew it. So i headed up the stairs, turned around to see if anyone would come through it as i walked up. No one did, well.. not VISUALLY. Just a beep. I don't know what would've been scarier!

I could go on and on, my god the CABINS, the whole idea of it is just incredible. There's just so much i love about this game, A LOT of it stood out to me. I really hope you've considered making a follow-up and if you haven't or wont I still very much look forward to your next games.

Thank you.

Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it :)


Gameplay Trailer

by Gaming 4 Life for you!!!

Thanks! Glad you liked it :)


This was awesome!!!

Nothing left to say!

Finally got to play, This was a really cool concept. I love the play through tapes thing, it makes it so much more intriguing..

Thank you so much!

Amazing! I loved all of it, this had such a cool concept, the sound work, oh my god, so eerie and the whole atmosphere reminded me of Channel Zero (don’t know if you know that show if not, give it a try). 

And I am super happy that you have such a huge game back catalog, I can’t wait to dive right in there. 

this was such a dope concept. I honestly had a great time with it and it was well worth the price, keep up the good work! 

I love VHS style game and this was very original. Good job:)

Excellent game! Such a great experience!!! 


I'm so happy that I stumbled upon this game. Rarely horror games manage to be unique due to the abundance of cliches, but this one managed to surprise and keep me on the edge of the seat. The idea with the cabins alone was terrifiing. The glitchy ambient sound design was also top notch. Wish it was longer though. I wonder if you find a way to build on the idea. Great work!

Really appreciate that. Huge thanks for checking it out!


Great game,Great atmosphere and extremely solid work 👍


For $2 this game was an absolute roller coaster! Had no idea which direction it was going to go. I really hope this game does well, I'm glad i played it. Great puzzle and even better story. Extremely solid work! 👌 

great game. as always, although its quite short. still has that atmosphere of the unknown.

Loved this game even though it's short. Very unique and creepy puzzle game.


I had no idea what to expect. I still don't entirely understand what happened but I think it's wroth discussing or at the very least open to interpretation. Cool set up, good concept!

Thanks for making games!


Great game! Retro style has the best essence when it comes to horror.

Thanks! :)


Wait..I remember this being free before. Why is it paid now?


The price of the game hasn't been changed. Maybe it was another similar one.


I think I'm the only one who found the room with a copy of System Upkeep? I typed the code by accident so I'm not sure where you should be able to find it.


Yeah I think you're the first player who has found it themselves. It's a fun anniversary easter egg. Honestly that's super crazy, the odds of stumbling upon it like that are very small.


That's pretty neat! I had a player do the same thing for one of my games, so it's more common than I thought.


How do I activate this easter egg?


Will be dropping some hints soon.

Deleted 1 year ago

Hi, I recommend running the game outside of the app. The game currently supports only keyboard & mouse. 


Hi, thanks for the recommendation, I know I can just download it and do everything manually - but it's not the app's fault if it doesn't work with it.

It really takes little effort to fix that, this is the only game in my collection with this issue.
Don't bother fixing it, I'm asking for a refund. You probably care more about getting a few more views from very biased channels than actually doing things properly, the indie way.



Sorry you feel that way. Honestly I didn't think it was that big of an issue, as I haven't received any other comments regarding the game not working with the app.


I thought this game was excellent! I really enjoyed this one.
It did cause me to stop and think, as I did get confused at times. But I found the way it was, very clever! Thank you! Here is my video! Like, subscribe and make sure to comment!

Thanks for playing!


In regards of the Sceptre Foundation, isn't that symbol from the GDI faction from the Command and Conquer series?


Yeah that was coincidental. It was changed in the latest update.


WOW! The atmosphere of the game is great. It's hard for you to develop the game by yourself, isn't it? A very good game.


It can be difficult at times, but I do enjoy it a lot. Really glad you liked the game. Thanks for playing!


this is truly a masterpiece the reveal of the ending still cripples my brain when i think about it now, this was so well made and so well executed mike dude you are crazy talented and im so excited to continue playing your games, every single entry tops the next and considering how well done each of them are its truly amazing! gameplay is above i hope you guys enjoy!

Thank you so much! Greatly appreciate it :)


Hi, I'm having an issue on the main menu.
I can move between the options using w and s to move up and down, but none of the buttons allow me to select an option. I tried e, f, g, enter, clicking, and a few other things but can't seem to get it going. Any ideas?
Really appreciate your work btw, can't wait to get this one going


Nevermind, I realized it was space while playing Infineural, will update will my thoughts afterwards, thank you

Thank you for the comment. Glad you got it sorted, I'll add it to the controls section.

I had a great time with the game, swapping the tapes was pretty unique and added a real nice puzzle element to it. The whole vibe overall was real spooky and real intruiging! Keep up the good work, can't wait to see what else you got cookin' up!

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